Happy Snaps From Singapore

To be honest I am still buzzing from our trip to Singapore. Mr I, bubs and myself had such an amazing time. Thanks again to Nuffnang for putting on the gig. To have the opportunity to hang out with other bloggers and talk shop was not only fun, but I learnt an amazing amount from bloggers who are significantly bigger than I am.

This was the probably the thing that stood out to me the most, even though I am a relatively small blogger, everyone was so welcoming, friendly and happy to chat – thanks guys :). I have put together some happy snaps which cover our few days in Singapore and the wonderful people that we met.

Nuffnang Red Carpet

Here are some of the fabulous bloggers that I had the pleasure to meet:
Top Left: The vivacious Lady Melbourne (Phoebe), the gorgeous Girl With a Satchel (Erica) and the suave Michale Aulia.

Top Right: Lady Melbourne and her accomplice Lois Lane. Thanks for helping with bubs on the way to the airport!

Bottom Left: Lady Melbourne, the gorgeous Girl With a Satchel and the dapper Mr Gadget.

Bottom Right: Me squinting – yuk! But I wanted to include this photo to introduce the fab bloggers from Eat, Show and Tell – Howard, Qing and Teresa.

Nuffnang Awards - Parenting Nominees

This is me with the other parenting nominees at the start of the award ceremony. Starting from the back left was Jenny who was representing her sister Toni from Wifely Steps, the lovely Leonny from Our Everyday Things, the glamorous Red Mummy and the fabulous winner of our category Christie (with daughter Immy) from Childhood 101.

Toy Musuem Photo Shoot

Our first stop on our bloggers tour on Saturday was the MINT Museum of Toys. Quite an amazing collection of vintage toys. Photographed above is bubs having one of his many impromptu photo shoots! He was very popular in Singapore and will be appearing in many random photo albums.

Super Kawaii Mama & Violet Le Beaux

Left: the ever glamorous Super Kawaii Mama in a rickshaw at China Town. Super Kawaii Mama will also be in many random photo albums across Asia as well. A very special thank you to SKM and Mr SKM for their hospitality, kindness and help that they gave myself, Mr I and bubs. You really helped make our time in Singapore very special!

Right: The stunning Violet Le Beaux. Thanks to Violet for allowing Mr I (and others) to steal hours of her partner Jame’s time and use his expertise to purchase new cameras from Sim Lim Square photographed below. I just have to work out how to use it now.

Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square is seven floors of electronic and computer gadgets. With the help of the brilliant negotiating skills of Dave and Grace Lee we managed to get great cameras at terrific prices.

Singapore City Model

Here is our little fella sitting in front of the island wide model of Singapore at the Singapore City Gallery. With my obsession for planning, I was pretty impressed with the way Singapore plans for their constraints like height and space to cater for their country’s needs. Thanks to David Krupp, Pinky and the Melbourne Nuffnang team for the t-shirt little one is wearing.

Singapore Flyer

Bubs checking out the view from the Singapore Flyer. Wonder when the Melbourne equivalent will ever work again???

Fish Spa

Martin from Nuffnang Melbourne and Mr I indulged in a fish spa. They had a 15 minute session of the little fishies nibbling at their feet and legs!

Singapore Sling

And in our last few hours in Singapore the little fella and I made our way to Raffles and indulged in a Singapore Sling (for mum!) and some cool water (for both of us).

Thanks goes also to Pringles and Uniquely Singapore for sponsoring the awards. We had a such a blast! 🙂