Reflections On A New Baby – 9 Months On

Baby Nine Months On

I usually don’t post photos of the children in full, but as he is still so little and while we are in Singapore, you will get to see a few photos of our beautiful baby! He is pictured above enjoying breakfast this morning at our hotel.

Yesterday my lovely baby turned 9 months old. As to be expected his development has taken off exponentially over the last three months. I feel so lucky to have been gifted with such a charming and happy baby. He is divine and completely adored by the entire family. Here are just some of the things that we have loved watching over the last couple of months:

  • Watching how quickly you went from rocking on all fours, to taking off with your crawling.
  • Listening to the little crunching sound your tiny teeth make into a cruskit.
  • The magic sound of your giggle as you watch your siblings play and how Babagansouki will do the same trick over and over and over again, just to keep you giggling.
  • The twinkle in your eye as you spot a contraband item on the floor and take off to retrieve it.
  • Watching you manoeuvre your way around the house, so you can seek out your siblings and be near them.
  • The excitement that lights up your face and the wriggling of anticipation as you see me prepare your dinner.
  • The joy that you exude when we read books with pictures of other babies.
  • How you beam at yourself and love to touch your reflection in the mirror.
  • How when exhausted with a long day out with the family, you are still so happy and will burrow into me for comfort.

Can’t believe that the next one of these that I will write, will have my little baby turning one!

PS. Apologies for the lack of commenting on the blog here and on others over the last week or so. Getting everyone organised for the trip to Singapore was a busy time. I will be responding to emails and comments when I get back. Thanks so much to everyone for their support and kind words for the Nuffnang Awards tonight, I have truly appreciated them!