Family Fun at Mt Baw Baw

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Gippsland Family Holiday Mt Baw Baw
On our second day in Gippsland we headed to Mt Baw Baw for some snow fun! As we were based in Rawson, this only took us 45 minutes. If you were to drive direct from Melbourne it would only be a 2.5 hours drive – it is the closest snow sports resort to Melbourne. As well as close to the city, Baw Baw also has the most affordable entry price in Victoria.

Out of the activities we had planned for the weekend, I thought the day at the snow would be the trickiest to manage with a baby and the littler ones. Mt Baw Baw though has an ideal set up for families. The location of snow play areas and warm facilities was excellent. I didn’t have long distances to trek between enjoying the snow activities with the rest of the family and taking the baby into the warm for feeding and sleep.

Gippsland Family Holiday Mt Baw Baw Frog
We arrived at round 10am and headed to the Frosti Fun Club. With the school age children occupied with activities here, it then gave us a chance to organise the hire of the snow gear that we needed for the day.

Frosti Fun Club is named after Frosti the Frog. Philoria frosti is the full name of the frog which is the mascot of Mt Baw Baw. The Baw Baw frog is only found at high altitudes on the Mount Baw Baw Plateau and is an endangered species.

After finishing their activities at the kids club and once everyone was kitted up in their snow gear, we headed to the Frosti Frog Hollow Snow Play area. This area had a large area for tobaggoning and space to build a snow man and have a snow fight! This was the first time that our kids had been to the snow, and was a great place for them to perfect the art of toboganning.

Gippsland Family Holiday Mt Baw Baw Tobogganing

Village Central on the Baw Baw Resort was were I based myself for the day. After the first session of snow fun, we all headed there for lunch and a break. Lunch was reasonably priced $12 for a large burger and chips – the kids demolished half each enthusiastically.

Mr I then took all the kids back out to the snow and baby and I moved into the lounge area, to use the very comfy chairs so I could give him a breastfeed and a sleep. I spent a cosy 1.5 hours there reading my book, while babe slept in my arms! I hadn’t had a chance to read for that long in months. 🙂

Mr I then brought back the 5 and 3 year olds who had begun to tire. They played happily in the kids room which had colouring activities, games and TV to occupy them. Mr I then continued tobaggoning with the older boys for another half an hour or so and then we swapped, so I could try my toboganning skills! I could see why the older boys wanted to keep going – I had a stack (literally!!!) of fun with them. It was comforting to see so many other families out on the snowfields, so we felt right at home.

Mt Baw Baw Village Central

We then returned our hire gear and left the mountain at about 5pm. Thinker proclaimed that “it was the most fun he has ever had!”

Tips For A Fun Family Day At Baw Baw:

  • We didn’t take the pram, but I saw many others that did and I think that would have been helpful.
  • Warm clothes, particularly the type that you can layer. The Baw Baw Website has a great list of what you need to stay warm and comfortable.
  • Pack a snack and water for the car trip home. My kids were ravenous and thirsty after so much toboganning!

Tomorrow, I will share some of the fun and beautiful photos we took at Walhalla.

The family and I travelled as guests of Destination Gippsland.