Introducing Solids To Baby

This week our beautiful boy turned 6 months. Up until now he has been exclusively breastfed, but this week we will begin introducing solids to our baby.

Each time that we reach this stage of our children’s lives, I always refer back to a great list that I received from my Maternal and Child Health Nurse. The list is over 10 years old and as such has solids being introduced as young as 4 months, contrasting to new advice which recommends waiting until baby is 6 months old before introducing solids.

I have modified the list with new information and incorporated it in the table below. All of the children are incredibly excited about the prospect of the baby eating food. I have tried to explain that for some time there will be lots of mess and not much eating, but it is very sweet that they are so interested. Babaganouski is already talking about letting me mash up some of his banana, so he can “feed baby all by myself”. It will be fun to see how this goes.

Introducing Solids To Baby

This is a guide only as all babies have individual needs. New foods are introduced one at a tim, at 3 – 5 day intervals. Start with 1 teaspoon and gradually increase to 2 – 3 tablespoons.

6 – 7 Months

Pureed / Fine Mashed

1 – 2 Meals

7 – 9 Months

Mashed / Minced

2 – 3 Meals

9 – 12 Months

Chopped / Finger Food

3 Meals
Rice Cereal Oats Cereal SUPERVISE
Pumpkin Wheat Cereal Fresh fruit pieces
Potato Mixed Cereal Rusks, Crusts
Zucchini Chicken Fish Bread, Toast
Carrot Beef, Lamb Butter, Cheese
Apple Yoghurt ,Custard Margarine, Vegemite
Pear Peas, Beans Pork, Tofu
Banana Rice, Lentils Salmon, Tuna
Kiwi Fruit Soup (foods tolerated) Celery, Cabbage
Broccoli White/Cheese Sauce Cucumber, Green Pepper
Cauliflower All stewed fruit Liver, Brains
Avocado Grated apple & pear Herbs and spices
Parsnip Egg Pasta (see below) Smooth peanut butter
Broth Introduce Cup Cows milk ONLY on cereal

EGG: Can be introduced from 7 -8 months, later if other allergies. Small quantity of well cooked yolk on first occasion. Introduce slowly if no reaction (rash, vomiting, swelling). Introduce egg white the same way after whole yolk. THEN: pasta, noodles, egg custard and all types of egg dishes.

Naturally this table is just a guide. I have never given any of my kids liver or brains!!! There are also many more veggies that you can introduce at these stages too. I find just having the list on the fridge helpful in remembering to continually increase the range of food bubs eats.

EDIT: Thanks to my cousin Bree who let me know that Kiwi fruit is also one of those foods that infants can have a strong reaction too, so caution is needed introducing this if there is a history of food allergies.

What has been your experience with introducing solids to baby?