Reflections On A New Baby – 3 Months On

Our little baby was three months last week – a quarter birthday as explained by one of his siblings. He is a beautifully calm little character and seems quite unfazed by the hustle and bustle his life contains.

Even fifth time around there is so much to love and be amazed by in our new baby:

  • The way his eldest brother can make him giggle. A tiny sounding chuckle that makes his whole face beam.
  • How upon seeing me peer into his bassinet as he wakes from a sleep, he almost wriggles out of his skin with excitement.
  • The way his mouth opens and moves in anticipation as I move him into the nursing position.
  • The tightness of his little grip, as he catches and then holds on to my necklace when I try to lie him down.
  • The beautiful sighs that he exhales during a contented sleep.
  • The way his bottom lip will quiver before crying when he gets a fright.
  • Just how much my heart fills with love when I hold him near me.