Reflections On A New Baby

We are definitely in love with the latest addition to our family. J5 is seven weeks today and I can’t imagine life without him. All stages of a child’s life have their own beautiful and unique characteristics, but for me there is something particularly special about a newborn baby – finally meeting this wonderful new person after nine months of anticipation; getting to know their personality; watching the adoration of his siblings and the feeling of awe and amazement that you have created something so perfect.

Here are some things that I am enjoying about our new baby at the moment:

  • The sounds of contentment that he makes when he is sleeping peacefully.
  • The smell of his freshly bathed skin.
  • His reaction when he has four other little faces crowded around his.
  • The sounds of his hunger subsiding as he nurses.
  • His first smiles and the way they melt your heart.
  • Feeling his beautifully soft skin against mine.
  • Watching his eyes gently flutter as he falls off to sleep.
  • The vague stare he gives me when he is tired.
  • The warmth his little body radiates when he is in my arms.

There is just so much to enjoy!