Creating A Children’s Timetable

Each school term I put together a children’s timetable. The aim of the children’s timetable is to:

  1. Show the children what their week’s activities are.
  2. Allow children to take responsibility for having the right equipment on the right days.
  3. Familiarise the preschoolers and early readers with their names, days of the week and other commonly used words.
  4. A reminder for mum about what activities she can play with the toddler and preschooler.

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The children’s timetable is a very basic document created in Microsoft Word. I like to photocopy this on to A3 size paper and then placing it in a prominent place, making it easy for the children to read.

This term I have refined my process slightly and created two timetables:

  1. School Children – purely text based as both children can read the timetable.
  2. Early Reader and Preschooler – key text and picture based, so they can begin to make connections between the picture and the text.

The font I have used in the table, is called Victorian Modern Cursive. This is the style of handwriting taught in primary schools through out Victoria. This may not show up on correctly your computer (may look like just a very basic font), but you can download the font for free from the Victorian Govt Education website. I like to use this font for the preschoolers and younger school age children, as it helps them become familiar with the way the will need to write the alphabet.

They also have downloadable alphabet models (set on dotted thirds). We printed one out, laminated it and stuck it up on the wall near where the children do their writing. It provides a great reference on how to achieve the correct letter formation as the starting point for each letter is clearly marked.

Below I have attached the two timetables:

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