10 Favourite Christmas Recipes

I am starting to put together recipes for what I will be cooking this Christmas and thought I would share some of my favourite recipes.

(1). Chocolate Christmas Tree
This is the “healthier” version of what I make. Some of my children aren’t too keen on the dried fruit component, so I replace the nuts and dried fruit with rice bubbles (approx 1 and 3.4 cups).

(2). Crispy Ice Cream Cups
A simple and easy dessert for the kids who don’t like pudding..

(3). Cranberry Vodka Punch
Not that I will be indulging myself this year, but this is a beautiful and refreshing drink.

(4). Christmas Chutney
I love any Chutney and Nigella’s Christmas Chutney is scrumptious.

(5). Must Try Red Cabbage With Apple
I find cabbage tastes best when it has been very well cooked, like in this recipe.

(6). Balsamic Roast Vegetable Salad
Simple but very tasty addition to the Christmas table.

(7). Oysters with lime and chilli dressing
Even when not pregnant I don’t eat oysters, but always like to have them as starters for those who indulge.

(8). Crunchy Baby Potatoes
Who can resist a crunchy roast potato?

(9). White Chocolate Cheesecake
I have noticed that this list is a little heavy on the desserts! Not too hard to tell what is my favourite part of the Christmas feast.

(10). Herbed beef with dijon mayonnaise
I love the flavours of beef and mustard. I don’t like the flavour of anchovies, so I omit that from this recipe.

What are your favourite recipes for Christmas?