Children’s Activities – What Have We Been Doing?

Yesterday I posted a list of children’s activities on in Melbourne for December, something which will become a regular part of my posting schedule. Apologies to non Melbourne readers, but the feedback has been positive, so I hope you don’t find it too boring!

In November I posted a list of activities also, and I thought I would share with you a couple of the children’s activities that we participated in:

Family Classic Kids – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
I was a little worried that my older two boys (9 & 7) would find this a little boring, but I was definitely wrong. They were thoroughly entertained for the 45 minute session. There are a couple of actors who help take the children through the different components of an orchestra and how music can tell a story.

The actors were funny and the setting is quite intimate, so the children felt quite part of the show. Apologies for the lack of detail in the photo, but photography was not permitted during the show and Mr I managed to snap this at the end for me.

Tot Spot: Outside Art – NGV International

I have only just come across this activity recently and the session we attended on Monday morning was the last for the year. Possum really enjoyed herself and we spent a lot of time over the remainder of Monday talking about what we had seen and what she and Babaganouski had made.

The plan was to tour the Sculpture Garden and then sit outside and make our own sculpture. Melbourne’s weather however was unseasonably cold and windy, so we did the tour and then went back into the Great Hall and the children made sculptures there.

The above photo shows the work of Babaganouski on the left and Possum on the right. Babaganouski would have been quite happy to have sat and cut up straws for the whole session, he loved the sound that they made when he cut them with the scissors.

During the discussion of the sculptures, the instructor always started by asking the children what they thought each one was, encouraging participation from all children. She then explained to the children what the sculptor said it was, what materials they were made of and how they were made.

Next year Tot Spot art sessions will be run on the last Monday and Thursday of every month.

What have you and the kids been up to?