Practical Christmas Gifts For Kids

10 Practical Christmas Presents For Children

When buying gifts for children I am conscious of the usefulness and of the practicality of the gift. Toys are great and have a place in every child’s life, but most children I know (including my own) seem to have plenty already!

I have compiled a list of 10 practical Christmas presents we have either given to other children or that we have received from others. Additions to this list would be greatly appreciated and can be left in the comments.

A note to my northern hemisphere readers, as we are heading into summer and the end of a school year for Australians, the gifts listed are heavily biased towards these areas.

(1). Beach Towels
Very basic gift, but as children grow they need larger towels and there are so many fun designs available, that you can still make the gift interesting.

I particularly like the idea from Rosie Posie, where you can have the child’s name embroidered onto the towel.

(2). Lunch Box Sets
For the new kinder or school goer, why not give a brand new lunch box set to send them on their way? Long term Planning With Kids sponsor 4 My Earth has fantastic lunch boxes and re-useable wraps, in a range of cool fabrics kids will love.

(3). Popcorn Maker
My children received a popcorn maker a couple of years ago as a joint Christmas present from their Nana and Pop. It has been a fantastic gift. It pops 10 cups of fat free popcorn in just a few minutes and the kids still love to watch it go. These can be purchased for under $40.

(4). Donation Gift
I think the children need to be school age to really understand and appreciate this gift. Oxfam has a great set up where you can choose from things like “Save a River”, “Teach a class” or “Buy a pig”. A card gets sent to the receiver, outlining what has been donated in their name.

(5). Beanbag Chair
Something with a little more style and form than a traditional bean bag. Check out this range of bean bags here for kids, which can be used indoors and out and makes the perfect spot for reading their favourite book.

(6). Sunglasses
In Australian hot summers, sunglasses are not just for looks, but are important for eye protection of infants and children. The Baby Banz range are perfect for the 0 – 5 age group who have trouble keeping traditional sunglasses covering their eyes.

(7). Hats
Also an essential summer item. There are a number of surf brands that make funky hats for kids that will protect them adequately from the sun, for $20 – $30.

(8). Stationery
My children love new stationery. Smiggle has a fun range of pencil cases and pencils that you can combine together for a great gift.

(9). Storage Boxes
Children seem to have little collections of all sorts of bits and pieces. You can help them keep them all together with some cutely designed storage boxes. Kikki K has boxes starting from $15. Ikea also has a range of children’s storage boxes as well.

(10). Tickets to an event
This gift works two ways really, in that you treat the child to an event of their interest and you also spend time with them! Melbourne has plenty of events in in January that children would like, including:

What are you buying for the children in your life?