10 Top Posts For September

Images by trekkyandy and A National Acrobat

Over the last couple of months I have started increasing my use of social media, mainly on Twitter and StumbleUpon.

Part of becoming more engaged in social media has meant that when I see a post I like, not only do I bookmark it for future reference so that I can use it my monthly round up posts, I also “Stumble” it to share with other Stumblers.

If you are interested in trying out StumbleUpon, you can find some easy to follow instructions on Downloading StumbleUpon Toolbar on my other blog.

My top posts are divided equally amongst craft and parenting this month:


(1). Craft City Salute – Country Women’s Association
Crafting has definitely made its comeback and this craft blog, takes time to salute their forerunners.

(2). Sewing for the Home ~ Fabric Bulletin Board
I have been wanting to make one of these for some time now and did not know where to start. This is a great tutorial and I wish that I would be making it sooner, but don’t think I will get a chance to do so until the end of the year.

(3). Introducing…The Undercover Crate (another free tut for you)
Do you have any old milk crates lying around your house? Here is a tutorial that will show you how not only to make them useful but also beautiful.

(4). Before Dinner Skirts
The ever creative SouleMama shows off some skirts that she just whips up her her little girl before dinner. Oh how I envy such sewing skills!

(5). Fourth carnival for green crafts
This post has so many amazing ideas about how to recycle general household materials and turn them into gorgeous crafty goodness.


(6). Patience and Understanding; Discipline and Arguments
This is written by a father with such honesty and reflection that it really made me reflect on my own behaviour.

(7). This Princess Votes For the Paupers
This post from Silicon Valley Moms talks about the upcoming presidential election in America, however the point about thinking about others instead of just ourselves can be applied to any situation in any country.

(8). The value of family dinners and giving our children presence
The Crunchy Domestic Goddess writes on a topic close to my heart. It was written on the lead up to Monday, Sept. 22 which marked the 8th annual Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children in America. Makes me sad to think that we need to even have days like this.

(9). The Daily Balance of Parenting & Housework: Four Useful Reminders
It is nice to hear that other stay at home mums struggle with the balance between getting stuff done around the house and spending time with the children. SimpleMom has 4 simple reminders to help out here.

(10). Room re-do part III: a chalkboard and a felt board
The Artful parent shares a practical and cute idea on how she has redecorated her children’s rooms and provided a creative space for the children at the same time.