New Look Planning With Kids

1. Colours, 2. March 13, 2006: Chalk Rainbow, 3. Ok, what’s the deal?, 4. Colors, colors, colors!, 5. More from the Heidelberg Project, 6. United Colors of Legotton, 7. Water balls, 8. high in the sky, 9. i want candy.

The blue theme that I had installed on Planning With Kids in May, was supposed to be temporary until I could work out how to bring my dots from my old incompatible theme, across to the new theme on the updated version of WordPress.

Well four months later, I decided to start a fresh and bring some colour to Planning With Kids, which I think represents what I write about much more than the plain blue. To celebrate the return of colour I have created a colour mosaic. If you would like to create a mosaic you can do so by following these steps:

    (1). Use Compfight to search for flickr images – select the Commercial option and you will get only photos that are okay to be shared.
    (2). Use bighugelabs to make the mosaic. It will give you a handy pre-made list to copy and paste into your blog, so that you can make sure to credit where the photos came from.
    (3). You can then either save it to your computer or upload it to your flickr account.

There is still a couple of tweaks that I need to make to the site which I will be doing over the next couple of days. Thanks for putting up with the technical changes (and talk) over the week end.