10 Top Posts For June

This post comes to you a little later than usual. My techno troubles have continued unfortunately and my notebook is very broken and will probably not be fixed until Friday. In the meantime I will only have limited access to a computer, so apologies in advance for not participating much in the comments sections, or visiting your blog this week.

I love the amazing cross section of information that you come across whilst travelling the blogosphere. Here is a collection of 10 of my favourites from June:

(1). What Can We Do Today?? – Draw Big from Kate at Picklebums.
This is an inexpensive, quiet activity that will get the kids drawing.

(2). Book Cover Craft from Jane at Kidzarama.
Terrific idea for utilising the art work from the children.

(3). Some Friday Artfulness from Jean at The Artful Parent.
Two simple ideas that would be fun across a number of age groups – making a book and having fun with egg cartons. Also check out The Artful Parent’s etsy store while you are there, for some beautifully handcrafted items.

(4). Featured Creativity from Sew Mama Sew.
Visually all of these handcrafted items are so appealing (and probably completely out of my league in terms of ability), and they will certainly inspire.

(5). Softies for Mirabel – New Arrivals – Part 1 from Pip at Meet Me At Mikes.
A fantastic cause making softies for Mirabel Foundation. I can’t actually make these beautiful creations, but they do plan to sell some to raise fund, so I will wait to then and hand over some cash.

(6). Should We Stop Having Children to Save the Earth? by Jennifer Lance at Eco Child’s Play.
This is the first of two posts on the issue of having children and the impact on the environment. This post gives some factual data on the foot print of a child, but points out that there are choices in the way we live that mean that the foot print does not have to be so heavy for a family.

(7). No Child Left Behind – from the Crunchy Chicken.
The second post on this issue poses the question “Is it morally wrong to have children?” Although a short post in itself, the Crunchy Chicken extracted 199 comments on this post and there a some very strongly held views from both sides of the fence which make interesting reading.

(8). “She’s just a cute Tween…but she grows up to be a curvy, cool Teen!” from Danielle Miller at The Butterfly Effect.
This posts starts with a critical review of a new Barbie like doll and uses this as a base from which to explore the issue of sexualisation of children in the contemporary media environment.

(9). A Solution to Global Obesity… YOU! from Craig Harper.
This post came after the announcement that Australia is now officially become the fattest nation on the planet and it really doesn’t hold back. “What causes obesity (for the majority) are poor choices over an extended period of time.” There is also so great discussion in the comments worth reading as well.

(10). Ain’t no power like the power of the mama from the Crunchy Domestic Goddess
Some postive affirmations about the potential of mothers as a pressure group with great links of where and how to get involved.

Take the time to check them out if you can, they are definitely worth it!