Some Pre-Planning For The School Holidays

It is only a bit over two weeks until we have school holidays here in Victoria. It has been a very long term and I have to say that I am looking very much forward to the school holidays arriving.

During the term breaks I aim to have a balance of rest, relaxation and organised activities. I have found to get the most out of the school holidays, a little bit of pre-planning works a treat!

My children do not do swimming lessons after school. This is by their choice, as they have selected other activities to do. I try to keep the number of extra curricular activities to no more than two a week.

I do however want them to learn to swim, so we have agreed on the compromise that a number of times a year they participate in a school holiday intensive program for a week (Mon – Fri).

As I wish to have three of the four children to have their lessons at the same time, I need to get in early to secure a convenient time for us. I booked these a couple of weeks ago and managed to get a 9.30am class for all three. This is a preferred time for the younger ones and still leaves us, with the afternoons free.

Our local library runs a number of school holiday sessions ranging from puppet shows to story writing. As they are free and very popular they have a strict booking process. I have scheduled into my diary to make it to the library early on the day the tickets are released.

I do talk about Fed Square a bit on my blog, but it is such a fantastic source of entertainment for the kids. This upcoming school holidays they are having a Puppet-Palooza. Some of the activities are free, but some have a minimal cost and require booking, so I will get on to that this week.

I intend to combine this activity with one of my goals for June and invite some friends along who haven’t seen for a while.

The National Gallery of Victoria always has a holiday program and this school holidays it is centred around their Art Deco 1910–1939 exhibition. They have a free showing of the gorgeous film The Wizard of Oz and an Art Deco inspired craft activity that they can do afterwards.

That will probably do us for planned activities for these holidays. I like to make sure that the children have time to rest, explore, create, (squabble!) and invent for themselves as well.

What do you have planned for the upcoming school holidays?