Do You Iron?

We do iron our clothes in our house. I am lucky that my husband will iron and is quite good at it. I do though have friends who don’t iron any clothes at all. They always look good and not crumpled, but I can’t seem to move out of the mindset that I must iron all our clothes.

With 2 adults and four children this makes quite a lot of work and during busy times the ironing can build up. To cope with this I have implemented a storage system for the ironing, which you can see in the photo.

My preference of course would be to keep up to date with the ironing (and if I didn’t blog so much maybe I would 🙂 ). But seeing that this is not always achievable, when I fold the clothes I have a wheeled storage trolley in which to place the clothes.

I have the children’s clothes on the top, then mine, then Mr Infrastructure’s. I find that this works better for us compared to a straight ironing basket, because I can quickly go to the relevant shelf if I am trying to find a particular item of clothing. As the trolley is on wheels, I can easily move it from its home in the laundry to another room if needed.

So what about you? Do you iron the family clothes? If so, what are your tricks for keeping it under control (mine hardly ever is!)? If not, how do you manage to have your clothes not look creased?