Free E-book – Planning With Kids Top 100 Tips, Volume 1

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Firstly, apologies for my absence and if you have had difficulty accessing the site over the last week! I could write a diatribe here on the disaster that was my change in servers, but I am too excited about my e-book to want to spend time on negativity. Fingers crossed all is finally sorted on the technical front and I thank you for your patience and support over this time.

100th Post
To celebrate my 100th post, which is today, I have compiled 10 lists of 10 tips aimed at making family life simple and fun!

This e-book is the first collection of the most popular posts from Planning With Kids. These posts appeared on the blog between January and April 2008.

For each post I received feedback from readers and their thoughts on each topic. I have used this to improve the lists by adding some reader suggestions and removing some of my own points. To stick to only 10 points was a challenge some times, but I think you will find these lists helpful for organising yourself, managing the behavior of your children and having some fun together.

The e-book is splits into two different sections. The first gives you a one page print out of the list for that topic. I find it handy to have some of these lists strategically placed around the house for my reference.

The second section then details each point in the 10 point list and gives further tips, links and resources on that topic.

Topics included in the e-book are as follows:

1. 10 Things To Make Back To School Mornings Easier.
2. 10 Things We Do To Make Meal Time Enjoyable.
3. 10 Things I Like To Keep In My Everyday Bag.
4. 10 Circuit Breakers To Prevent Those Family Melt Down Moments!
5. 10 Strategies To Gain Co-Operation From A Toddler.
6. 10 Preschooler Early Learning Activities You Can Plan Into Your Day.
7. 10 Things To Do With The Kids When It Is Hot!
8. 10 Point Children’s Birthday Party Plan.
9. 10 Children’s Birthday Presents With A Difference.
10. 10 Quick Ways to Feed Unexpected Lovely Visitors

Why an E-book?
Reformatting the posts in this manner makes it easier to read as a series and to have as a reference tool. It also means that you can send it to family and friends who have not yet started to explore the blogoshpere.

10 Things Continues
I continue to write a new 10 Thingslist every Tuesday. Drop by Planning With Kids again to see what the latest topics are.

I hope that you these lists are a useful tool for your family. I welcome any feedback either in the comments section here or via email to planningqueen [at] bigpond [dot] com .