Toys R Us With a Dash of Green.

Last Christmas I tried to buy for my nephew a wooden garage, like the one in the photo. I looked in all sorts of toy stores and was unable to locate exactly what I wanted. With time running out, I took the desperate step of entering Toys R Us to see if they would on some random chance stock such a product.

I hunted around the area where all the cars were and couldn’t find anything of the wooden variety. Luckily for me a young staff member came to tidy in the area that I was working in and I asked her if they stocked the wooden garage. She gave me a very puzzled look and then stated:

“Oh no, we don’t stock anything wooden.”

Her honesty made me laugh and I left the store immediately.

I was intrigued then to see, how the power of popular opinion can make large chain stores alter the products they stock.

As reported in the Environmental Leader:

Toys R Us has launched a line of environmentally friendly toys. The first toys in the collection include natural wooden toys, natural cotton plush animals and organic cotton dolls – will be available nationwide and online by Earth Day.

Earth Day is Tuesday April 22nd 2008 and I am presuming that this will be the launch for the US and I couldn’t find any information on when and if this range will come to Australia.

The new range will be easily identifiable as:

The toys come packaged in earth-tone colored boxes that bear a green reversed “R” logo with a green leaf, encircled by the words “Recycle, Renew, Reuse, Re-think.”

I think that any move in the green direction is a good one, but I would be interested to know what percentage of its product range these environmentally friendly toys will make up. Their stores are massive and full of so much plastic.

But for change to happen, we need the large retailers to lead in the right direction and at least this is a start.

When buying toys for your children do you consider the environmental impact which is a result of the creation of the toy?