Blog Bling

In early February I remember I received my first blog bling(award) from a fantastic blogger CelloBella. I have to admit to be being so very excited about receiving the Excellent blog award from someone who I respected as a blogger. This week I was just as excited to receive it again from a very well travelled and well written blog A Roaming Aussie Mum . Thank you to you both, I appreciate the awards and would like to pass it on to the following bloggers:

Kate at Picklebums – Kate posts the most beautiful photos of her children and writes with both great humour and honesty.

Domestically Blissed – Domestically Blissed is just across the waters in New Zealand and gives a great insight into alternative preschool education.

Megan at Imaginif child protection became a serious business – her blog is always informative and thought provoking and Megan is amazingly supportive to her sister bloggers.

Preschool Mama – Excellent activities and suggestions on how to interact with your preschooler.

Joh at Joh Blogs – As a parent it is great to hear an independent voice from the other side of the fence – the teacher.

(It was hard to choose and I think it might have something to do with Easter and the spirit of giving, but there is a lot of bling going about at the moment!)

Also this week Karen from The Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum passed on to me the Forever Friends Award. If you haven’t checked out Karen’s blog, do so as she writes beautifully and is a soon to be published children’s author. I would like to pass this award on to the following in the online world:

Cath at mobblegobble – one of my oldest and truest friends.

Laine at icklekids – a new friend but one who gives me great inspiration.

And to those in the real world who I keep telling that they should start blogging! These women have been such a fantastic support to me in getting this blog up an running and then participating in the online conversations as well:

Deb, Lou, Annie, Belinda, Tash, Carolyn, Paula, Sam, Cass and Steph (the last three are my sisters as well as my friends!), MC, Lisa, Angela and Nic

Thank you again for the awards and if you believe in the Easter Bunny, I hope he brings you loads of excellent quality, fair trade chocolate!