10 Great Children’s Audio Books For Long Car Trips

Planning for the Easter Holiday Car Trip post I detailed some of the activities that we pack for the children. We also make sure that we have a number of quality audio books to play along the way as well.

We have a rotation system in the car for long trips like this, where everyone has a turn at choosing the CD to be played. We all love music, but generally after a couple of hours into the trip, someone will request an audio book.

When it is the older boy’s turn and they choose a favourite audio book, this generally has the added bonus of keeping them entertained, but because of the hypnotic sound of the reader’s voice, it generally send the little ones off to sleep!

Here are ten CD’s which my children have enjoyed:

(1). Hairy Maclary Story Collection (Puffin Audiobooks)
Although definitely more for the toddler and preschooler, these witty rhyming tales about Hairy Maclary and friends from Lynley Dodd have a “join in” effect even with the older boys.

(2). Andersen’s Fairy Tales 2CD
Each CD goes for over 75 minutes each, and they include favourites from Hans Christian Andersen like The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Little Match Girl, The Ugly Duckling ant The Tinderbox.

(3). Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Classic Literature With Classical Music. Junior Classics)
Isn’t this just the kookiest of stories? I always find this one amusing and although don’t use up my precious CD turn on this audio book, I am always happy to have it on.

(4). Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Classic Literature With Classical Music. Junior Classics)
A little note about the Brother Grimm series – they are very strongly worded and can be a little dark. These versions are not the watered down versions that children are used to hearing and it did take the Thinker a little while before he would listen to Hansel and Gretel all the way through without skipping to the next story!

Both CD’s go for over an hour and include the traditional story of Cinderella (so much better than the Disney version!), Rumpelstiltskin and a favourite of mine The Fisherman;’s Wife which is a great lesson as to why greed is not good.

(5). The Happy Prince and Other Tales (Classic Literature With Classical Music. Junior Classics)
These are such beautifully told stories from Oscar Wilde and are accompanied by some beautiful music also. These stories are definitely more appropriate for school age children.

(6). The Bugalugs Bum Thief: Library Edition
The audio version of this story from Australian author Tim Winton, could not be more opposite to the above CD from Oscar Wilde. This toilet humour based story is told in a strong Aussie accent and includes a number of Australian colloquialisms. The boys naturally love it!

(7). Bob The Builder Cd Story Book 4-In-1 (Bob the Builder CD Story Book 4-in-1 Audio CD Read-Along)
Can they fix it? Well yes I am sure they can after I hear them say it 100 times! We have had this Bob CD since my eldest was little and all the children have had a stage of loving Bob – it is Babaganouski’s turn now.

(8). Are we there yet?
We only have the book and have borrowed the CD from the library. There is always an element of nerves when someone chooses this one, as I wonder if it will start off our own “are we there yet?” conversation. Luckily to date it has not.

(9). Frog and Toad CD Audio Collection
Who cannot love the ethusiastic frog and the grumbling toad! There are some very funny moments in these stories.

(10). The Cat in the Hat and Other Dr. Seuss Favorites
Another one that we have previously borrowed from the library, but it is currently out and won’t be making the trip with us.

I had to add it to the list though, because with a cast of voices including Kelsey Grammer, Dustin Hoffman, Walter Matthau and John Cleese, this is entertaining even for the adults.

What story CDs to you hear over and over again in your car?

A bit of blogkeeping: Usually my next post would be Thursday, but I am going to write a “Before you leave for Holidays” list and will post that tomorrow (Wednesday).