Some Planned Time For Mum

motherhood I have previously written about how I find it really important that I plan sometime for myself, to do the things that I want to do. With four children there is a lot of running around making sure that everyone’s needs are being met and as odd as this might sound, it is quite easy to forget about my own needs.

One of things I wanted to do this summer was to make relish (I really love homemade relish!), so I organised with a couple of very close girlfriends to get together at my house on Thursday night, to make some relish, make some cards and have some conversation. There is something quite bonding about stirring a batch of relish, drinking champagne, eating chocolate and debriefing on recent life events.

For those of you who have made relish before, you would be aware that it needs a number of hours simmer away. This provides us with a fantastic opportunity to talk without interruption and make some cards (I also made some menus for a friends’ dinner party), as the beautiful aroma of the relish starts to invade the house.

I have known one of these amazing women since prep and the other since high school. We made the move from the country to the big city together and they are like a nourishing bowl of soup for me.

After we get together in these sessions, I always feel very grateful to have them as my friends and value the relationship which I have with them. We have the added bonus of feeling productive as well, because we each have a small stockpile of homemade relish and cards to show from our nights work!

When we get together it is not all cooking and craft, we had an amazing weekend together in the city last year, which was full of hilarious moments and wonderful conversations. As valued relationships need to be looked after, I need to make sure I plan time like this regularly to enjoy the company of my friends in a child free environment.

Tomatoes are coming to the end of the season in Australia now, but if you would like to have a shot at making some relish, we used my friends recipe which you can find on her mobblegobble blog. Go and check it out, it is truly delicious!