First Menu Planning Post

I have been Menu Planning for over 4 years now and always tended to keep it and some of my other planning obsessions pretty quiet. When checking out a few sites recently I came across Menu Plan Monday (MPM) , by “I ‘m an Organizing Junkie” and I was so happy to find a community of like minded planners who share their passion for planning and organising. This is my first public planning session, so would love any feedback or planning tips that you have.

Menu Plan for week beginning 31st Dec 2007:

Monday – BBQ Lamb Chops and Salad

Tuesday – Beef Stir Fry with Singapore Noodles

Wednesday – Home made fish and chips

Thursday – Tacos

Friday – Baked Penne Pasta

Saturday – Chicken schnitzel with steamed vegetables

Sunday – Roast Beef and Vegetables

I am the main cook in our house although Dad has a repertoire of about 5 meals that he can cook. The most popular of these are tacos and as a consequence our 4 children rate dad’s cooking very highly.