Marinated Steak and Garlic Mash


I love garlic mash and for me it is definitely one of those winter comfort foods that makes winter bearable! I don't marinate the kids meat as they prefer their steaks plain and we actually use about 8 steaks now for our family! Marinated Steak and Garlic Mash Recipe Steak Ingredients: 4 large … [Read more...]

Lamb Chops and Steamed Veggies


We don't have lamb chops as often as the kids would like, mainly because with the number of chops they eat each, it ends up becoming quite expensive. This is a simple recipe for cooking lamb chops with steamed veggies. In summer we will substitute the veggies for salad. Lamb Chops With Steamed … [Read more...]

Easy Roast Chicken With Stuffing


This recipe is based on a quite ancient Women's Weekly Basics Cook Book. It was the first roast I ever cooked. The book was handed down to me by my sister when I first moved out of home. It cooks a great roast chicken and my kids love the stuffing! Easy Roast Chicken With Stuffing Stuffing … [Read more...]