Talking To Children About Sex

Mary Flo Bio

Today's guest post is from Mary Flo Ridley. Since 1986, Mary Flo Ridley has encouraged and equipped parents of young children to be successful in the daunting task of starting a conversation with their children about sex. Armed with humor, personal stories, and medical research, Mary Flo walks … [Read more...]

Looking After Mum – and some gifts to do it with!

Looking After Mum

This give away has now closed and the winner was Kim! Thanks for visiting Planning With Kids! This is the last post in the Motherhood series and it is from Christie Nicholas, a mother of 2, author of The Mum Who Roared and head of Kids Business, a specialist communications agency connecting … [Read more...]

Our Big Family Story

Katie Guest Post 500

Now this is not my big family story, but the big family story from a wonderful family I know. Katie is kindly sharing her journey as a mother as part of the motherhood theme for this month. (Katie also contributed many fab tips in the Planning With Kids book.) The first time I read this post by … [Read more...]