Monthly review – tips for being a patient parent

tips for being a patient parent

So we are now two months into 2015 and I am still loving having the one goal, a single focus for me. As there is only one thing to think of, I think about it every single day. This is a change from previous years. When I have set multiple goals sometimes making a decision on what to do with my … [Read more...]

Balancing the needs of the kids

Balancing the needs of the kids

As with a number of posts recently, this topic today is inspired by feedback from the blog annual survey. In the section of the survey where I asked readers if they had a question for me, there were a number of questions around the theme of balancing the kids' needs, like this: How do you … [Read more...]

Monthly review November – 3 family life hacks for greater harmony

3 family life hacks for greater harmony

Each month I review my progress (or lack of!) towards my personal goals for 2014. You can see my full goal list in this post here - Goal Setting For 2014 And Creating My Decision Making Framework. The monthly review will look at my key learnings for the month and each quarter I write a full review … [Read more...]

Changing the family diet – lunch

changing the family diet

Through out this year I have been sharing how I have changed the family’s diet meal by meal. You can find my other posts here: Changing the family diet – breakfast Changing the family diet – dinner Lunch has proved the biggest challenge for me in some ways, mainly weekend lunches. During … [Read more...]

Nasty chemical of the month: Cocamide DEA


This post originally appeared on the ecostore blog. As a general rule, plant-based chemicals tend to be healthier for you than petrochemicals but there are a few such as Cocamide DEA that are still worth avoiding. Cocamide diethanolamine or Cocamide DEA is a modified form of coconut oil that’s … [Read more...]