Managing technology with teenagers – what other families do

I recently shared how we manage technology with the teenagers in our house. I received lots of great feedback from readers on the post, via email and on facebook. I have collated some of the responses below as I always find it helpful to read/see/hear what other families do with their kids. No … [Read more...]

Managing technology with teenagers

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This post is really looking at how we manage technology with our 15 year old. I have learnt that managing technology with teenagers is so much harder than younger kids for two key reasons: Our teenagers have an iPad for school and need the iPad and other technology for their homework Social … [Read more...]

Developing kids’ independence

Developing kids' independence

If you listen to my kids I am the only parent in the world who makes them do tasks around the house or do things for themselves! Of course I am aware that this is not the case, but sometimes I wonder am I doing the right thing. Our eldest child went to a Montessori preschool and I learnt a … [Read more...]

Family life – easier

family life

This is an annual post I write here on Planning With Kids. While I write on the blog to share ideas of what we do in our family, to hopefully help other families, it also provides a fantastic record of what is happening in our life. As the kids grow older, I realise now how easy it is to forget … [Read more...]