Tips for uni open days for kids who aren’t keen on going

Tips for uni open days for kids who aren't keen on going

Our eldest child is in his last year of secondary school and he wants to go to uni. He attended many Open Days last year and while he was not necessarily jumping for joy about attending them he did get a lot out of them. I am positive that there are kids out there who love University Open Days, … [Read more...]

Future Kids: How to raise a new generation in an uncertain world

Future kids

Today’s guest post is another excellent and thoughtful article from Ellen Jackson. Ellen is a coaching psychologist at Potential Psychology Services and she writes tbe Potential Psychology Blog. You can read previous posts of Ellen's on Planning With Kids here and if you are yet to check out her … [Read more...]

Does it really get harder? – 2016 edition

Does it really get harder- (2)

This is the 2016 edition of a post I write annually. I started it back in 2009 when our youngest son was still a baby. With five kids under 10 life was pretty full on and when I remarked to other parents that it would get easier as it got older, many said to me it only became harder. It wasn't the … [Read more...]

In what order should the alphabet and sounds be taught?

In what order should the alphabet and sounds be taught1

Today's post is from the fab team at Love2learn. I shared our first experience with Love2learn a couple of years ago which you can read here - Love2Learn – Literacy Classes For Little Ones. After our trial session I booked our youngest into a class straight away and he attended Love2learn for over … [Read more...]