Planning With Kids In 2012

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Over the break, I spent a great deal of time planning for 2012. Part of this was undertaking in depth analysis of the survey I did before Christmas. The feedback was amazing and I am very appreciative of the time you spent completing it for me.

It has given me so much information and ideas for what I can and need to do in 2012. I did read every comment left, but as there were almost 600 responses, naturally there were some conflicting points of view, for example:

  • Some requested more recipes meat and veg style, while another reader felt too many recipes contained meat.
  • A number of readers asked for more cute party recipes, while another reader felt that there were too many sweet recipes.
  • Lots of people like the step by step photos, while another didn’t.
  • Many loved the Melbourne focused posts, while others wanted me to focus on other cities in Australia occasionally.

My reason for showing these examples is so you can understand that is not going to be possible for me to act on every single suggestion. However all of the suggestions have made me think more carefully as I put together the content plan for the blog for 2012, and where I have been able to I have tried to take the suggestions on board.

There was also feedback that was pretty unanimous, things like:

  • More info how I approach the day to day basics of our family life.
  • More about time management and achieving “balance”.
  • More info on organising paper work and clutter in general.
  • More info on menu planning.
  • More post on routines for kids and mum.
  • More posts on “mum” and finding time to do the things you want to do.

You will see this type of info being published more frequently through out the year.

Changes for 2012

The feedback also confirmed something I sort of new already – the navigation of the blog really could be better. Better defined categories, easier to use search facility and better recipe index where some of the key areas highlighted as needing improvement. And I agree!

So a new blog design is my first big project for 2012. It will take a little time, as there is 4 years worth of posts and the first couple of years I didn’t tag them correctly, so I will set about working on that, while my clever designers help me give the blog a complete make over. I am very excited about this!

In terms of posts, I will have some new regular features for 2012 that I will be introducing over the next few weeks aimed to cover the areas you are most interested in reading about.

The Planning With Kids Menu Planner App is closer to release and we are hoping to have it available in the next month. I am also working on some other useful products that will help make getting organised with a young family much easier.

I am really excited about implementing the changes that have come from the survey and some new ideas I have been keen to start on. Thank you again for taking the time to help me work on making Planning With Kids an even more useful resource to parents.

{Image – I just love this photo. I took it just before Christmas in the gardens at Melbourne Museum. Someone was setting up for a work Christmas party. They were getting ready to party. I feel a bit like that with the blog this year – I can feel it is going to be a great year!}


  1. says

    Nothing better than that feeling of optimism at the start of a new year, is there? It makes you feel anything is possible (and it is!)

    Really looking forward to see the changes and growth this year, Nic. I’m sure it’ll be fabulous. (And if you need any additional content on decluttering etc, give me a shout) ;)

  2. says

    Two Brookes first up…hehe.

    I’m so glad that your feedback has helped you in deciding which ways to go forward. Can’t wait to see all the things you have in store and the new design.

  3. Annie says

    I hope 2012 is a great year too! I was happy to say goodbye to 2011. Looking forward to seeing the new layout. x

  4. says

    I love ya just the way you are.

    But looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    (BTW I was going through some bags of swag I had hidden in the cupboard and found your teacup biscuit! Pity it was smashed :( x)

  5. says

    I love your discipline. I wondered as I was reading this how your organisational ability might be different if you didn’t blog about it. Do you think you’d be the same or do you think that through this blog you’ve learned a whole lot about planning stuff you might not otherwise have done? Just curious. I know for me, that writing stuff on my blog helps cement things and keep me on the straight and narrow – well usually.

    • says

      Great question Jen and one I have pondered on a bit myself.

      For a while the blog actually made me more disorganised at home! That was until I worked out my blogging rhythm (batch writing) and set myself some boundaries.

      Now I think it does help me keep myself accountable, if I say I am going to do something on the blog I will certainly make it part of my plan so I achieve it. I hate having to say I haven’t done something! I do read widely on the topic of organisation / planning on the internet, so it does give me lots of inspiration, which helps.

      But I think having 5 kids, working from home and wanting time for myself is actually my biggest driver for planning and staying on top of things. The last couple of weeks of the holidays, I took a break from menu planning. By the end of last week it was starting to drive me crazy, as we were eating almost an hour later each night and the variety wasn’t as much as usual.

      So first thing this week I planned our meals for the month. I am doing a big restock shop online and getting organised for the start of term 1. Planning like this gives me peace of mind and makes me feel that I have room to maneuver if the unexpected arises.

      • says

        Thanks for answering the question. I find that when I am organised then my mind isn’t as chaotic and things are much better. However, I know I could do more.

  6. says

    How exciting Nic!!! I can’t WAIT to see your makeover and what’s in store for PWK this year. I’ve been thinking about doing a survey for a while now and after reading this, it seems very worthwhile. xx

    • says

      Can’t say how much I would recommend doing a survey. It is has given me so much more insight to my readers, what they like, what they want and what they think of PWK – definitely do one Kel!

  7. Maxabella says

    Brilliant, Nic. It doesn’t surprise me that you have such an organised approach to your blog! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  8. Jacquie says

    Looking forward to seeing the changes as the year progresses although I also have to say – I love this blog just as it is too!
    This is the year that I am going to make myself start menu planning as I’m pretty sure that this is the main thing in our household that causes the most problems in the routines etc! I’ll let you know how I go ;-)

  9. says

    I love the suggestions your readers have made. I look forward to seeing a revamped blog – though I have found your current one very helpful. You are inspiringly organised and clear – so I come here for clarity and tips for organising my ‘family’.

  10. Karen says

    You have been such an inspiration to me Nic. I loved reading the book, always love reading the blog, and I’m sure it can only get better.