Daily Schedule For Kids

Year 2 School & Homework Daily Schedule 2011 500

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I have posted before about the daily schedules (timetables) that I create with my kids to help them keep themselves organised for kinder and school. This video show how I update the daily schedule for the younger kids. It is the same process for creating them too, except we just start with a blank daily schedule.

To download a customisable word doc template of the junior primary daily schedule simply click on the image below.

To download a customisable word doc template of the preschool daily schedule simply click on the image below.

For more details on how we create our daily schedules you can check out these posts:

Do you create daily schedules to help your kids get organised?


  1. Su G says

    Hi Nicole
    I love these schedules and use similar ones with my children. However I find with my eldest that he needs a more detailed schedule with times (we use an XLS spreadsheet) so that we can illustrate blocks of time that he has for homework in between sporting committments. We were finding that he was really slow with his homework and then not having time to get it finished before moving on to cricket / soccer training. This really helped him to see where his time had to go.

  2. says

    We have to create a detailed afternoon schedule for Annie – our psychologist has said the more flexible routine we had going was not strict enough :: sigh :: I sure hope it works.

    I’m going to use your templates to help me do it, thank you so very much for making them available.

    Now I just have to figure out how to break our school day afternoons into 15 minute increments of activity.

    Perhaps a coffee break first.

  3. says

    I think this is an incredible concept- even for young children.
    My daughter is 2 and she refers to days of the week when talking about her activities. For eg. “We go to Leaping Lizards on a Tuesday”.
    Now is the time for her to get involved in our planning/schedules. I’m looking for a beautiful, tactile calendar for us to use together, so she can help me plan our week together- shopping, parties, play-dates etc.
    I’m yet to find what I’m looking for but not crafty enough to make it myself.

  4. says

    Hi Nicole. Fabulous presentations at the PB conference! I love the fact that you’re teaching your kids how to be organised. My dreamer boy was the sole reason why I started designing wipeable charts in the first place. It’s nice to know we can teach so many valuable life skills to our kids with just some simple tools.