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Getting Ready For Baby  Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

In the current Winter Issue of Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, I have an article featured on Getting Ready for Baby!

Being so used to seeing my work on the screen, it was lovely to see more of it in print! The article has some detailed steps you can take to get you and your family ready for baby and a section on simple and practical tips you can use once baby is born.

And thanks to Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, I can share those with you!

Are you in the process of getting ready for baby?


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    The best advice I was given was “if your house is tidy, noone will notice the dirt” It was so true. I certainly subscribed to the sleep when baby sleeps, but I felt alot better about all that sleep when I woke up to a tidy house. 5-10 minutes having a quick tidy up was certainly my saviour.

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    No more babies for me but I did love the Cosmo pregnancy issue when I was pregnant with baby one. My best tip would be to ‘lower your expectations’. Life with a little baby shouldn’t be about cleaning, ironing and cooking, it should be about capturing those small moments in time that make it all worthwhile x

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    My daughter is only 12 days old, but the best tip I was given was to stock up on non-perishable groceries before your baby is due, and to freeze simple meals like spag sauce. Least on the rattiest of days I know there is something in the pantry and an easy meal is only a pot of boiling water away.

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    I’d have to say that you can never be prepared too early! We were caught by surprise when number 2 arrived over 3 weeks early.

    Agreeing with the tidy house tip. And it’s amazing how much better it makes you feel.

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    Ha! I’m so glad to see Multiple Mum agrees with my mantra “lower your standards”. My mother’s group is jam packed with perfectionists and no one else seems keen on it. However I think there is certainly more peace of mind in recognising that people really won’t judge you if there are a couple of baskets full of clean washing (or dirty for that matter) and dishes in the sink when you’ve got a little baby and are working on little sleep!

    Congratulations on the Cosmo article!


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