Book Review: Conspiracy 365 January by Gabrielle Lord

Book Review Conspiracy 365 January

This is a guest post by Thinker, my 11 year old son. Back in January I did some research and listed Books For Boys – 8 to 11 Year Olds. The Conspiracy series was one of them and it is a series that Thinker loves.

Book Review Conspiracy 365 JanuaryConspiracy 365 is a novel by Gabrielle Lord. The Conspiracy 365 books are different to most series because a book is released at the start of every month for the rest of this year (2010). Conspiracy 365 is a great thriller novel and will give you goosebumps.

Callum Ormond is the main character and he is a 15 year-old kid without a dad. Before his dad died he sent a letter to Callum describing something that will change their family for the better. An unknown virus killed his dad. His dad sent a few drawings to Callum which his Uncle Rafe intercepted and Callum tries to get them back. The police believe that Callum bashed his sister and shot his uncle. The gangs want to know what he knows about his dad’s discovery.

Gabrielle Lord has written many adult thrillers. Conspiracy 365 is written in a diary format and also uses text messages, which makes it fun to read. For example:

2:09 8th of January

Callum: ‘r u in for job at 3?’
Boges: ‘i’m in!’
Callum:‘c u outside targets place.’

It builds up the suspense and makes you want to read the next chapter or book, like in this part:

I couldn’t hold on much longer. Every muscle was braced to keep me up there wedged into the corner like a human spider.

Conspiracy 365 January has a complex plot and you have to concentrate to understand what is going on, but it is an exciting read. I didn’t get to finish it before I went to bed, so I read through the night under my doona. I have now read February and March. Both of them were as gripping and as action-packed as the first and I can’t wait to read April.


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    I just found you through the Weekend Link post from Simple Mom. You are an awesome mom and blogger! I have to add you to my blogroll. Thanks for the great ideas. :)

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    Just found your site through Simple Mom and thought I would share another awesome series for boys ages 8-11. It is Fabelhaven by Brandon Mull. I loved these books and my 11 year old did too.
    .-= Tami´s last blog ..2010 =-.

  3. Jacquie says

    Great book review! Thankyou Thinker for taking the time to write it. I used to read books through the night under my doona too! My oldest son is 7 so I’ll have to look out for these to see if it’s something he’d like me to read to him now or wait till he can read it himself in another couple of years. Sounds great.

  4. christie says

    I love this book we are reading it a school and yeah it’s like Callum! no! yeah it is so awesome.
    Keep ‘em rollin’ in!