Homemade Baby Food


Our beautiful baby has been eating for a couple of months now. I like to make sure the baby has homemade baby food, but with our family schedule, as he can’t eat all the things we do, I don’t have the time to make it fresh daily.

I have had great success though with making the baby food in bulk and freezing it in portions. This also enables me to be able to take food with us when we are heading out, regardless if it is planned or not, as I always have a stock pile in the freezer.

Easy Steps To Making Homemade Baby Food In Bulk

Homemade Baby Food - Cut Vegetables
Chop up a mix of vegetables that the baby can safely eat.
Homemade Baby Food - Steamer
Steam veggies, placing the veggies which take the longest to cook on the bottom.
Homemade Baby Food - Puree
Once cooked, puree the vegetables. I only puree the vegetables for a few weeks until baby has the hang of eating, then move to mashing the vegetables.
Homemade Baby Food - Individual Portions
Set aside some food for the current meal.
Homemade Baby Food - Freeze
Use ice trays with lids (these ones are from Tupperware but many seasons ago). Once frozen I then place a couple of cubes into resealable freezer bags and make more batches of different homemade baby food. That way he has variety in his meals through out the week.
What tips do you have for making homemade baby food in bulk?


  1. says

    Those pictures could be from my kitchen, even down to the tupperware ice cube trays!! I often freeze left over rice into trays too, and just pour a little water in with them to help the cubes set. (When bub is a little older and having mashed not pureed veg).

  2. says

    I love little trays of home-made baby food … they look so sweet. I made lots of them first time round, but my daughter never ate pureed stuff despite all my efforts making them so we did ‘baby led weaning’ with her. http://www.rapleyweaning.com/

    Baby Led Weaning approach is that now babies start solids much later, and because we want to continue breast-feeding, they should just be offered appopriate finger food from the family meal table. They will eventually pick it up and try it, and basically self-feed from the start. I know lots of mums who have found it really good – especially those whose children, like Munchkin, just wouldn’t do spoon feeding.

    My son on the other hand was so desperate for solids at six months that I have done the spoon feeding thing to fill him up – he loves it. I haven’t filled up the freezer though – once bitten twice shy there!

    Instead, I just steam extra veggies and mash them for him on the side, or run my ‘whizz stick’ through them with a bit of chicken or lamb. Or I mash some ripe pear, or banana or avocado etc. So basically, he’s eating what we are eating, I just ‘baby-fy’ it on the side. So far, so good! Sorry for the long comment … I think I should post this on my own blog ;)

  3. PlanningQueen says

    SquiggleMum – The rice is a good idea!

    Eunice – Baby food can indeed be quite tasty.

    Gypsy – Some great info in your comment. I find with each child they eat more of our food babyfied as well. You could easily turn your comment into a post though and I am sure other mums would find your experience very insightful.

  4. says

    The great thing about making your own baby food is you know exactly what’s going into it.

    What I always do is when the baby food has frozen, I pop them out of the ice trays and put into zip lock bags, then my ice trays are free for ice once again (even though it’s only for a wee while).


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