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this family life podcast is where we talk all things about managing the chaos of family life. My belief is that as parents we all have wisdom to share. Through the podcast series it is my aim to help that wisdom, looking at the nitty gritty of what other families do to make family life easier for them and their kids.

I have learnt much from listening to how others make it through the day and am often inspired at how families cope given their different circumstances. Through out the series I interview parents with varying numbers and ages of kids, varying work commitments and some parents who have kids with special needs. Regardless of their background, they all share openly, honestly and with great humour, details about their family life along with tips to help you.

The podcast runs along Australian school terms, with breaks for school holidays – allowing me spend time with my kids! Listen below or if you are looking for a specific episode click here.

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  2. Hi

    I wanted to share with you a potential guest for your podcast.



    See below bio which outlines her juggle and career. Let me know if it would be something you’d be interested in.

    I have two kids and seriously take my hat off to her with how she juggles everything!

    Kind regards,


    About Lauren Dare

    Meet Lauren Dare: She’s 33-years-old; happily married with three sons (one is only a week old); she holds a double degree of Law and International Relations / Business; she’s practiced law for near a decade; co-founded several successful start-up companies; and in the plight of helping Australians affected by COVID-19, she is launching her new business at 38 weeks pregnant. To know her, is to know a formidable, unstoppable force.
    “If you want something done,” they say, “ask a busy person.” As the novel Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, millions are in need of getting one crucial thing done, and that’s getting a new job. But with countless industries shut down, many Australians are finding themselves at a dead-end. Alas, Lauren has sought an opportunity to thrive, and is helping others do the same through her latest endeavour, Switcharoo.
    Switcharoo is a solution to the unprecedented national issue; employment in the time of Coronavirus. Switcharoo helps laid-off workers get jobs immediately by helping workers switch careers from bust to boom industries, even if they have zero experience.
    “We are expert market analysts, so we can tell you who is booming, taking the research off your to-do list. We are skills, application and interview kit providers, tailored to boom industries,” says Lauren about her new company.
    Switcharoo has two goals. First, help job seekers survive and thrive in a rapidly changing and unprecedented job market. And second, bridge the divide between unemployed Australians and the boom industry’s demand for workers.
    The Switcharoo business was founded during COVID-19. “I myself needed to switch jobs and when I realised I could do it, I wanted to make the transition easy for others,” says Lauren. Job seekers need some skills in the arsenal to make the transition, so Switcharoo is delivering job switching skills on a platter.
    What began as an effort to save her family, is now in service to the economy we all share as a community. Switcharoo develops skills and confidence to recover from COVID-19 as a united nation.
    “Australians need work now!” Lauren exclaims, “Not in a week, not in a month, not in six months, we need to start work in our new jobs tomorrow.” There’s no offering on the market to prepare and train job seekers in one day and nothing that caters to the challenges of COVID-19. That’s the call Switcharoo answers.
    While online courses are aplenty, many don’t lead to jobs, and it’s a trend Switcharoo acknowledges. “Courses and jobs don’t always go together. So, we only provide courses with immediate employment opportunity.” Switcharoo is more than just an online course provider. “We don’t put the burden on the job seeker by selling the illusion that a course is the magic pill of employment. It’s not just about skills, but how to sell skills and stand out to actually get the job over the competition.”
    With Switcharoo’s unique approach, job hunting in new industries isn’t about upskilling and endless hours of applications. Skills are one piece of the puzzle, but the much bigger piece is securing work, and Switcharoo ensures Australians are not only certifiably ready for the job, but that they get the job. It’s a comprehensive solution to switching jobs; easy, fast and affordable.
    Lauren has designed Job Starter Packs tailored to entry-level jobs in booming sectors. Every Switcharoo pack includes a four-tier service:
    one-day, self-paced, online course tailored to a booming sector vacancy, training in Coronavirus health and safety, infection prevention, control and management. including a certificate of completion;
    interview preparation guide tailored to the target boom industry;
    CV template showcasing their new industry skills and competencies; and
    Covering letter template explaining to the prospective employer the valuable training undertaken and confirming job readiness.

    When Lauren’s not at the computer with spreadsheets and emails, she enjoys the finer things in life; changing nappies and cleaning up vomit, mashing vegetables and creating isolation activities for toddlers with cabin-fever. Her greatest aspiration is to go to bed, sleep the whole night through and not wake up until morning, she laughs, but she knows all too well families require a lot just to keep the cogs turning.
    “I grew up in entrepreneurial family, that was almost a prerequisite for my parents to raise all eight of us kids. I was always encouraged to look for opportunity, to be optimistic, to strive for excellence and push the limits of expectation, just like my parents did.
    “My father nurtured my entrepreneurial spirit and it was again inspired during my time as an in-house lawyer for a high-profile Australian billionaire. He taught me to see opportunity where others see despair; to be solution focused not problem focused. Now, as a mother of two with one on the way and business to launch amidst a global pandemic, I don’t see problems, I figure a way around.”
    Switcharoo is proof -Lauren is proof- that changing careers in an economic crisis is possible. “Fix it in the mix, is something my mother said and lived, and it’s the advice I live and work by,” says Lauren.
    The market is uncertain and changing rapidly in this climate, but Lauren describes switching jobs now as an opportunity “to put my money where my mouth is. And if I don’t, my children’s mouths will be empty.”
    COVID-19 has caused the professional sector to effectively shut down, and the thriving recruitment business Lauren and her husband created -and lived off- has gone into hibernation. “To feed our family and service our bills we had to create an alternative stream of revenue,” says Lauren.
    She considered what she was good at and what Australia needs the most right now. When Lauren looked at the available services helping people transition jobs, she was overwhelmed by how expensive and lengthy any kind of retraining was, even for entry-level jobs.
    Lauren has been employee and employer and acted in a middleman role as a recruitment agency co-founder. This experience gives her an intimate understanding of what industry finds valuable and motivates them to make a hire. When shared, her unique insight empowers job seekers to gain the right skills to impress on resume, cover letter, application and interview, and makes sure it all aligns with industry preferences.
    Lauren discovered what were the bust and boom industries and given her background of industry analysis and knowledge of unique job markets, she knew this job market was like none other in history.
    She was inspired to find opportunities in booming industries for people who have been laid off in COVID-19 and thus, Switcharoo was born.
    There are some unique pain points for affected workers because all whole industries are shut down, workers can’t reach out to friends or connections for opportunities. Having all networks affected is a very unique situation.
    Switcharoo is for those finding themselves recently unemployed due to pandemic conditions. They may have lots of experience in their own industry, but no qualifications or experience they can rely on outside that industry. It’s a solution for those in need of immediate work, who can’t wait for their industry to bounce back, who have no time or financial resources to be patient.
    Not sure where to start and in desperate need for direction, a Switcharoo customer might sit there with their hands in the air and say, “What the heck do I do now?” They might goggle search, What jobs can I do in COVID-19? and stumble upon the Switcharoo site. There they can learn about what industries are booming, the types of jobs available in those industries and the packs they offer to prepare them for those exact positions. They can decide which industry and job best suits them and then purchase a job starter pack(s). From here the thought of securing a future income goes from overwhelming to simple, and many customers experience a change in their mentality, from intimidated to proactive with this step.
    They will create a unique login, undertake a very concise, relevant online course which provides an industry overview, job specific tuition and COVID-19 training. Upon conclusion they will receive an email with four downloads: a certificate of course completion, a resume and cover letter template and an interview guide all tailored to the jobs they are applying for, and the option to personalise any of the documents.
    Armed with this material, they can confidently apply for the live vacancies in any of the selected booming industries. Once they have secured an interview with their newfound industry professionalism, they will be several steps ahead of other applicants as they can rely on the interview preparation guide. Once they are hired, they are more job ready than other recruits, as they’ll know key industry jargon, expectations and general job know how, taught in the course. With a customer support team available throughout the whole process, it’s a recipe for success.
    “Pregnant and hustling for an income in home isolation, I think of all the things that are important in life; family, health, work, and fun,” says Lauren. “My career switching journey is not only necessary to support my children, but it is inspired by them; their boundless thirst to try new things.
    When you’re only a few feet tall, you’re in a world where everything and every experience is a new one. The human spirit thrives in new environments and as a species we excel under pressure, particularly when we collaborate. I want to help those who find this time challenging because I know they can get through it. Much the same as I know my toddlers can overcome their new challenges -multiple times a day- smiling, even if there’s been tears. Switcharoo exists because I see what children are experiencing naturally, we often overthink as adults: Growing is empowering and adapting is surviving. It’s as simple as that.”

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