The secret to organised school mornings

The secret to organised school mornings

Do you have kid/s off to school next year and you wonder how you are going to get everyone out of the door on time?

With a number of small ones at home, it can be tricky business making sure you leave the house not just on time, but calmly and making sure everyone has everything they need for their day.

Over my 17 years of parenting I have learnt a lot. All of my kids are now in school with my eldest starting Year 12 (final year of school) in 2016. The kids all get themselves ready for school and while there is still the odd morning that has an emotional outburst from someone, our mornings are usually calm and the youngest two, the dog and I leave for our walk to school in good spirits.

But this doesn’t happen without some solid work behind the scenes. Over the years I have created key plans and processes to set ourselves up with the greatest chance of success for an organised school morning.

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Guide ✼ Plan ✼ Check ✓ contains 10 separate printable tools that you will be able to use over and over again including:

  • Night time routine
  • Menu planning templates
  • Tasks for the kids to do to get themselves organised

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