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Here’s to organised chaos!

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  1. Proud of you Nic – Superb effort…… At least for today I might not complain about the mundane things and reflect on what I have yet to achieve!

  2. Thanks Nicole i just ordered my book and am so looking forward to tucking in. I don’t know how you do it with 5, i only have 3. But i’m excited about learning some new tips to help find that ‘balance’.

  3. Thanks Nicole. I cant wait for the parcel in the mail box! You are such an inspiration – writing a book and 5 kids! Thanks for your attitude of sharing your knowledge, and being such an amazing influence – juggling it all with lots of love! . I just tried to buy the book from the email link, but the paypal link took me to my transactions, not purchasing. The link from your website worked perfectly! 🙂

  4. I’ve just ordered 2 copies – 1 for me and 1 for Mum. However, because I initially clicked in the link from the email, I had to do it in two transactions, which was annoying.

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      Hi Katie,

      Apologies for that. I could change the code on the blog so you could buy multiple copies, but I couldn’t change the email I send out. Thanks so much for buying two copies of the book!


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  5. I stopped buying parenting books when I had a son who just didn’t fit ‘the mould’. Your book is the first one I’ve been tempted to buy. I can’t wait to read it. We’re now approaching school with our eldest son, and life is changing and I’m hoping we can have some organised chaos in our home.
    I agree with the commenters above – your story is inspiring. 5 kids and a book!!
    I wish you all the best with your book launch.

  6. I’ve now read your book cover to cover and have learnt so many tips. I have 3 kids under 4yo and was inspired about things such as travelling with kids best, and birthday parties! I love that this is an organising book, not a parenting book. Had enough of them for a while. I’ve just ordered another book for my friend’s birthday and am sure she will love it too. Very inspirational Nic, don’t know how you find the energy!

  7. I’ve just ordered my copy!
    With five kids 8 and under I am looking for a fresh take on my life as a very busy mum, and with zero outside help I will take any advice I can get!
    Can’t wait to get my book, wasn’t sure what to put in the comments section on paypal, so hopefully you can write me an inspirational greeting! I could do with some pizazz and inspiration!

  8. Thanks for your latest post, Nicole You continue to surprise, though it concerns me that sometimes you seem to add things for the sake of breaking old records ! As an MM I don’t think you can be creative and also run a heavy physical program. Sometimes you deserve to bask in the sun! My bias is that ” autoimmune diseases arise from continuous high stress levels clashing with unwaranted emotional crisis..

    I bought your little book to send to my d in l >>> Lindi Heap, POB 8038 Gundaroo NSW 2620 I hope you can manage that address.

    Some of us are trying to write a program for the Paracurricular Aims of education . As you could guess, this includes pre-birth stuff like cucurbits to avoid myelomeningocele, avoiding alcohol and tobacco ln pregnancy, fatherhooding, safe cotting position,, feeding essentials , continuing diet essentials, avoiding unsafe clothes( eg inlammables), experiential learning, self reliance like tidiness, getting on with siblings and other toddlers,sharing toys, respecting elders, honesty, kindness to self and others, and so on.through the educational stages. Also identifying autism early. We don’t want to compete with schools, religions, and families already doing it., but there are plenty of schools NOT doing this ” paracurricular” stuff, as well as home schooling which seems to be expanding world wide. I would venture that any family that drinks alcohol regularly is breaking most of the rules

    I have included too large a sample in order to be inclusive..Sorry to waste your time, but have you written on this area, or seen any good references? We are at the stage of writing ” Aims”, then drawing on teachers interested in the field( and there are many who are not).

    My role is to be chairman, and not a contributer, you will be relieved to hear. Personally I feel there are many complex social problems ahead , and many worthy solutions. It is just the need to match them up. Obviously you can only spend a few minutes on this , but I would be most grateful for a few pointers .

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