Time Management Tips

Thank you for listening to my presentation on Time Management. This page contains all the links I mentioned in my session.

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Time Management Tips

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Time Management Tips 2
www.planningwithkids.com/time – this page!

Slide 3 – 1. Set personal goals

Time Management Tips 3
Setting personal goals using the SMART technique.

Slide 4 Create a work plan

A template to create your own weekly time management plan for key tasks – Planning With Kids Weekly Schedule. It has a blank schedule outline and also includes my schedule as an example.

Slide 5 – 3. Watch multi-tasking

Time Management Tips 5
A Harvard Business Review article on How (and Why) to Stop Multitasking

Slide 6 – 4. Menu Planning

Time Management Tips 6
Menu planning is an integral part of keeping our family life organised. For more information on menu planning see:

On the link you can find the template we use to create our monthly menu plans.

Slide 7 – 5. Advanced Preparation

Time Management Tips 7

Slide 8 – 6. Use a timer

Time Management Tips 8
Focus booster – for online work. Uses  the pomodoro technique which is a time management method created by Francesco Cirillo.

Slide 9 – 7. Delegate

Time Management Tips 9
Kids Chores – What My Kids Do In The Morning – including a Kids Chores Chart – Age Appropriate Example Template

Slide 10 – 8. Plan and prune

Time Management Tips 10
Tips on learning to say no politely – Reframing the decision

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