Printable sight word activities and games pack


Sight words, in conjunction with solid instruction in phonics, provide an excellent tool to help beginner readers. Most primary schools in Australia will use some form of sight word or high frequency word lists in the Foundation / Prep year.

The words in the Sight Word Activity Pack are taken from the Dolch word lists. The Dolch word lists are still used all over the world today as part of programs to teach kids to read. At my children’s primary school they used a system called Magic 100 Words. The principle of learning these words was the same as the Dolch Sight Words.

Master these high frequency words so they are known on sight, then the child can read with greater fluency as they do not have to decode every single word they are reading. Reading is very much dependent upon confidence in kids. If they see some words they know on the page, then the text does not seem so daunting.

The pack contains:

  • Sight Words Lists – A list of 125 sight words, broken down into 10 lists, to make learning the list much more manageable.
  • Memory Card Game – Printable sheets to cut up each word list to make a memory card game.
  • Sight Word Posters – An A4 poster of each word list. Each word is in a shape for the child to colour. These can be stuck on the fridge or near the child’s bed so they can look at them regularly.
  • Word Search – The word searches have been created with words only going forwards and down (no diagonal). This makes the task of finding the word less complicated. The key focus is on recognising the word, not making it too hard for them to find them.
  • Trace and Write – A worksheet for the kids to trace the word, then have a go at trying to write the word themselves. The aim is not for perfect writing, but using a more tactile approach to learning the word. Tracing the letters forming the words provide another way to help the child recognise them.
  • Sight Words Bingo – Using the cut outs from the memory game, your child child can either call out the words as drawn out, or have to find the word on their list.
Sight Words Activity Pack - Printable Sheets

The Sight Word Games and Activities Pack is collated so you can work on one list at a time and you can print out only the materials you need and can be re-printed if more practice is needed. So for only $4.95 you have 50 useful sheets to help teach your child sight words while having fun.