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I began using ecostore products when I had my first child in 1998. I not only loved the products but I also loved the ethos of the company. I am thrilled to have ecostore as partner of Planning With Kids. You can find out more about how Planning With Kids and ecostore work together here.

About ecostore

ecostore is a New Zealand based company founded by Malcolm and Melanie Rands in 1993. They had a dream to create a healthier more sustainable world. They have created a range of plant and mineral based skin care, hair care, baby care and household cleaners which are a healthier and safer choice for the whole family.
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ecostore is an ethical company which has an holistic approach to product development. It isn’t just the end product they focus on, but they evaluate the implications and impact of their processes on the environment through every step of production process. ecostore believes in using the minimum number of raw materials required to create the best product.

A percentage of ecostore profits and other resources go to a not-for-profit called the Fairground Foundation. Its purpose is to create projects that make a difference in people’s lives and to the communities they live in, particularly in the areas of health, culture and sustainability.

The ecostore product range

The ecostore product range uses only plant and mineral based ingredients from natural and/or renewable resources whenever possible and they ensure ingredients are biodegradable and have the lowest possible hazard rating in terms of environmental safety.
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Every ingredient is listed on their product labels so you know exactly what is going on your skin or being used to clean your home. The range includes products for

More information about ecostore

To find out more about ecostore and how to choose safer, healthier home and personal care products for you and your family:

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