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Planning With Kids is the online home to Nicole Avery – me! I have been blogging since January 2008 and over that time have built a large and loyal following. On the blog I share tips and tricks to organising the chaos of family life. What I share here is the culmination of personal experience, reading and learning from other families.

I am a mum to five beautiful kids aged 16 to 5. They keep me entertained away from the computer and provide constant inspiration for my blogging. We have four boys – 16, 13, 8 and 5. Our only daughter, aged 11, is right in the middle.

While I am not a perfectionist I really do like having things sorted -I find mess and disorganisation stressful. Planning is a safety blanket for me. Planning for the known components of family life means I can cope so much better with the unknowns that family life constantly throws up at you – tantrums, sibling fighting, testy teenagers and all sorts of other fun!

In October 2014 I ran my third marathon in a year. I am addicted to long distance running, but am pretty new to the running game so am learning a lot about running as I go along. I am also slightly addicted to spreadsheets and CrossFit. I was up until June 2013 addicted to Diet Coke, but have now kicked that habit and am a lover of tea.

I am currently on a journey to improve my diet and have eliminated processed foods, grains, refined sugars and am eating as clean as possible. My focus is on eating whole foods that nourish and allow me to perform well at the physical activities I pursue, as well as my daily life.  I am bringing my family along with me in this journey, they are however still eating grains, pasta, bread etc – it is a work in progress, but this year we have all started eating better!

If you are looking for a place to investigate the blog further, head to my Where To Start page. It will give you a taste of what I write about here and what readers have liked!

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My book, Planning with Kids, was released in May 2011 by Wright Books. You can buy it and read more about it here.

Freelance writing

As well as writing on the blog here, I also undertake freelance writing for both parenting websites and for brands. You can see my work on these sites:

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I am a regular speaker at blogging  conferences (Problogger Event, Digital Parents, Blogopolis) and social media events (Social media club Melbourne, IABC). I also taught a blogging course at the Australian Writer’s Centre for 12 months.

Due to time constraints I limit the number of events I speak at each year. If you’d like to book me to speak or conduct a workshop for your event please email for more information.

Blog coaching

I no longer offer blog coaching services.


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