Menu Planner FAQ

How does the menu planner work?
How are the meals categorised?
What are the serving sizes?
How can I see a list of all the meals available?
Can I add my recipe to the data base?
How can I enter my own meal name?
Can I convert the measurements to imperial?
Can I plan for more than 7 days?
Other Questions?

How does the menu planner work?

Step 1.
Enter a start date for your menu plan. By placing the cursor in this box, a calendar will appear from which you can make your selection.

Step 2.
Enter meal name. This box uses predictive text, but it will take a second or two to appear as illustrated below:

Double click on the meal that you wish to add to your menu plan.

You can also use the search function to find a meal:

The key difference with using the search function is that you can preview the ingredients and instructions for the meal before adding it to your menu plan:

Once you have selected your meal, then choose the serving size.

Step 3.
Once the weekly plan is compiled you then have two print options:
(a). Collate Menu Plan – Will print a daily list of the meals with comments that you have chosen. If you have ticked any boxes for the recipes, they will be collated in this PDF for you to save and print.

(b). Shopping List – Will print the complete ingredients that you will need for the weekly menu plan, categorised shopping aisle.

How are the meals categorised?

I have tried to keep the categories simply and intuitive. They are as follows:

  • Asian
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Summer Favourites
  • Winter Favourites
  • Soups
  • Vegetarian
  • Treats
  • Desserts
  • What are the serving sizes?

    All meals are based on 4 adult serves. For us this easily feeds 2 adults and 4 children.

    How can I see a list of all the meals available?

    You can see the complete list of meals available to choose from by conducting a blank search. Simply leave the search field blank and then click on the “Search Recipes” button. A page will then come up with all meals that you can select from.

    You can also click here – Planning With Kids Free Menu Planner Recipes and see a full list of recipes with associated links on the blog in Google Docs.

    If you prefer to download a version to your computer click here to download an excel spreadsheet – Planning With Kids Menu Planner Recipes List

    Can I add my recipe to the data base?

    Not at the moment. Check in to the blog on late Sunday, early Monday’s when I post my weekly menu plan. I will be providing opportunities for people to submit recipes that they would like included.

    How can I enter my own meal name?

    Enter left overs as the meal name (it has no ingredients) then make a note in the comments of the name of the meal that you will be cooking. You will then need to remember to add the ingredients to your shopping list.

    Can I convert the measurements to imperial?

    Not on the planner itself. You can try this metric conversion site and make the conversion yourself.

    Can I plan for more than 7 days?

    You need to plan seven days at a time, run the menu plan function and shopping list function, save these PDFs and then create another plan for the next week.

    Other Questions?

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me via the Contact Form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    3. Hi Planning Queen!

      I was interested in how you do your shopping?

      With 5 children do you use on-line shopping, or take the kids with you, or get Mr I to do it?

      I often find scheduling time to do the shopping the most difficult part!!

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    5. Hi, I’m from England and wondered whether there was an alternative to sour cream in your chocolate cup cakes? Also tried to find equivalent of 1 cup of flour in ounces? Any ideas??


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