Jelly Oranges
Recipe type: birthdays
  • Approx 5 oranges
  • 1 packet jelly crystals
  • Boiling and cold water as per jelly instructions
  1. Cut oranges in half. Make sure that you cut from top to bottom. If you cut against this you may have holes in the oranges that leak jelly.
  2. Cut around the edge of the orange with a paring knife. Make sure you don't cut through the skin of the orange or else the jelly will leak through. Then use a spoon to scoop out the orange.
  3. Once the orange is emptied of its fruit, place it on a tray ready to fill.
  4. Pour jelly into each empty orange. Fill until a few milllimetres until the top.
  5. Allow jelly to set. This takes a couple of hours.
  6. Once jelly is set, cut orange halves into quarters.
  7. Serve on a platter and even as an adult if you think these look inedible, sit back and watch the kids love them!
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