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The Back Cover Blurb
Family life can be chaotic — whether you have one child or five. No-one knows this better than Nicole Avery, mum of five, blogger extraordinaire and lover of spreadsheets. Nicole has discovered the secret to taking the stress out of parenting and running a household: a little bit of planning can leave you more time to have fun!

Planning with Kids will show you how to:

  • plan a month’s worth of evening meals in less than an hour
  • use routines to make mornings manageable, evenings easier and ‘me time’ a reality
  • organise your kids and partner to share in the housework without you nagging

Learn how to organise your family chaos and have time left over to actually enjoy being a parent.

Contents Page

Part I: Organising your family
Chapter 1: Routines
Chapter 2: Meals
Chapter 3: Family finances

Part II: Ages and stages
Chapter 4: Navigating with a new baby
Chapter 5: Tactics for toddlers
Chapter 6: Preparation for preschoolers
Chapter 7: Strategies for school children

Part III: Enjoying parenthood
Chapter 8: You
Chapter 9: Your partner
Chapter 10: The joys of parenting

Part IV: Family fun times
Chapter 11: Making time for play
Chapter 12: Preparing for holidays
Chapter 13: Stress-free birthday parties
Chapter 14: Avoiding Christmas chaos

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