Blog Survey Questions Examples

Below you will find Blog Survey Questions Examples. I used these questions for my Blog Survey in December 2011 and received almost 600 responses.

I had specific goals in mind for my survey, I wanted to:

  • find out about readers use of multimedia (eg podcasts, video)
  • receive feedback on site navigation
  • better understand how readers saw the Planning With Kids brand

The results provided excellent insights into who my readers were, what they think of the blog and what they would like to see on the blog.

The open ended questions, while taking longer to analyse provided a wealth of info that I have since used to improve the navigation of the blog and to tailor content to the needs of readers.

Make sure you use these survey questions as guide only, tweaking, changing, deleting etc to make sure you will receive information that will help you extract the information you are after.

I used Survey Monkey to run the survey. I used the pay per month option as the free version only allows 10 questions and 100 responses. You can see the Survey Monkey princing plans here.

There are other online survey tools out there so you might like to check out other options like:

  • – actually only free for a survey of up to 20 questions and receive up to 50 responses over a 10 day period, beginning when you start creating your survey.
  • – Their website states there are no hidden charges, it’s completely free with unlimited number of questions, answers and surveys.

Blog Survey Questions Examples

1. Which country do you live in?
Drop down list

2. If in Australia, which state do you live in?
Drop down list

3. Are you male or female?

4. Which category below includes your age?
17 or younger
60 or older

5. How many children do you have?
drop down list

6. How old is your youngest child?
drop down list

7. How old is your oldest child?
drop down list

8. What is your biggest struggle with family life at the moment?
short comment box

9. How did you find
From a friend
Search engine
From the Planning with Kids’ book
Another blog
Youtube Video
Other (please specify)

10. How often do you read Planning With Kids?
Every post
2 -3 times a week
Once a week
Once a fortnight
Once a month

11. Do you currently listen to a podcasts?
Not at all

12. Would you listen to a Planning With Kids podcast?
Not at all

13. Do you watch videos posted on the Planning With Kids blog?

14. Would you like to see more videos on Planning With Kids?
Don’t mind

15. Rank the type of Planning with Kids post you like the most, with 1 being your most favourite:
Craft activities
Meal planning
Personal posts
Kids activities
List posts

16. Are there topics / issues you wish I would cover or cover more often?

If so please list in the comment box:
Free form comment box

17. Do you read the Planning With Kids review and sponsored posts?

18. Have you made purchases after reading a review. If yes could you please note what in the comments box.

What product?
Free form comment box

19. Do you also receive the monthly Planning With Kids newsletter?

20. If you do you receive the monthly Planning With Kids newsletter, do you think the frequency should be:

21. In the next few weeks we will be releasing the Planning With Kids Menu planner app. Is there other content on the blog you would like to see in app form?
Free form comment box

22. Content on blogs can be “hidden” the longer they are around for. What would you like to see added to improve navigation on the blog?
Free form comment box

23. Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve Planning With Kids to make it more useful to parents?
Free form comment box

24. Finally, could you please list 1 – 3 words that you think best describes Planning With Kids.
Word 1
Word 2
Word 3

Thank you so much for completing the survey. Copy and paste this url

into your browser to download the Planning With Kids Christmas Sweet Treat Recipes.

Any problems with downloading, email me at and I can email it to you directly!

Branding Your Blog Presentation

You can see the slides from my Branding Your Blog Presentation at Nuffnang Blogopolis which discusses how you can use a survey to help with the branding of your blog below:

Boosting Your Blog

Blog Boost E-Book

Loving your blogging, but not how much time it is taking up?

I have been there too and I think there is a point where most bloggers reach this place as well. But you don’t have to stay there.

It is possible to grow a successful blog without:

  • posting every day
  • being on every social network
  • guest posting every week
  • commenting on every blog in your niche

My Planning With Kids blog has grown to be one of the leading parenting blogs in Australia and continues to grow and develop:

And I have done this as a part time blogger who has five gorgeous kids, someone who is an active member of my school and kinder communities, an every day gym goer and supporter to my husband’s endeavours like he supports mine. The only way I managed to achieve this level of blogging success while still having a life, was to get smarter about the way I blogged!

I needed to be strategic about how I could manage my limited time for blogging. I needed to plan and work out where I could best spend my blogging time for maximum results.

You find more about how I go about my blogging in my Blog Coaching Boost E-book – Blogging Smarter.

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