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Blog Boost E-Book

Loving your blogging, but not how much time it is taking up?

I have been there too and I think there is a point where most bloggers reach this place as well. But you don’t have to stay there.

It is possible to grow a successful blog without:

  • posting every day
  • being on every social network
  • guest posting every week
  • commenting on every blog in your niche

My Planning With Kids blog has grown to be one of the leading parenting blogs in Australia and continues to grow and develop:

And I have done this as a part time blogger who has five gorgeous kids, someone who is an active member of my school and kinder communities, an every day gym goer and supporter to my husband’s endeavours like he supports mine. The only way I managed to achieve this level of blogging success while still having a life, was to get smarter about the way I blogged!

I needed to be strategic about how I could manage my limited time for blogging. I needed to plan and work out where I could best spend my blogging time for maximum results.

My Approach To Blogging

My approach to blogging has always been to provide excellent content for my readers. Without a loyal base of readers, there really is no blog.

But like all things, to provide content that appeals to readers, you need to have a solid foundation to deliver it from. There are four key elements to creating a solid blog foundation:

  • Blog Goals
  • Blog Strategy
  • Blog Structure
  • Blog Community

Blog Boost E-book

The e-book covers these areas and gives practical examples on how you can implement them on your blog.

You can click on the image below to see a larger version of the table of contents. (This is for the WordPress version. The Blogger version doesn’t have the Meta Data section under post structure.)

I have been blogging for four years now and over that time I have read, listened, experimented, banged my head onto my computer, made mistakes – all of which have helped me grow Planning with Kids.

I would do a number of things differently with PWK with the benefit of hindsight. The Blog Coaching Boost E-book is a way for me to share my hindsight, to help you grow your blog and make it the success you envision it to be.

What bloggers are saying about Blog Boost

I ran a one and half hour Blog Boost workshop at the Digital Parents Conference in March 2012. I covered a great deal of the content from the e-book and this is just a selection of what participants had to say on twitter about the workshop:
Blog Boost E-book

Boost Your Blog – Buy The Blog Boost E-book

The Blog Boost E-book will help you:

Set up your blog structure

Set up your blog strategy &

Set up your blog for success!

There are two versions of the Blog Boost E-book, one for Blogger and one for WordPress, they are the same price – $39.95 each. There are only a few pages difference between the e-books, where I use screen shots to show how you can implement strategies on your blog. With that exception, the content of the e-book can be applied what ever blogging platform you use.

Click on the add to cart button below for your preferred blogging platform and for only $39.95 you will be on the path to boosting your blog!


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And if you buy the e-book and love it as much as I hope you do and would like to recommend it to others, you can sell it as an affiliate and earn 40% commission on every sale you make. For full details, head to the Blog Boost Affiliates page.

NB: If you attended the #DPCon12 and are having trouble with the discount code, please email

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