Blog advertising rates

Deciding on a rate for your banner ads on your blog can be tricky. I have collated some stats on what some bloggers are charging in Sept 14.

Please note that unique views are only one part of the equation when considering your rate. How engaged your audience is, how specialised your niche is, the geographical location of your readers are just some of the other factors you need to consider. Please use this as a reference only.


Monthly UniquesRate per monthRate per unique visit
Blog A90,000$110.00$0.001
Blog B120,000$250.00$0.002
Blog C50,000$150.00$0.003
Blog D95,000$200.00$0.002
Blog E5,000$30.00$0.006
Blog F10,000$70.00$0.007
Blog G15,000$30.00$0.002
Blog H13,000$55.00$0.004
Avg cost per unique visitor$0.003
Ad size300x150px

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