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I love comments on Planning With Kids. I endeavour to respond to comments in the comments section where possible, but sometimes time is just not on my side. I certainly do always read them though and appreciate the time taken by readers to join in the discussion.

Some things to note about comments on Planning With Kids:

In Good Spirit – I welcome diversity of opinions and love to discuss issues around parenting and motherhood. Interactions in the comments section of the blog are just like conversations. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, please don’t say it in the comments. I will remove any comments that personally attack either myself or others.

Relevant links – I am very happy to have links in the comments section that shares valuable information to other readers.

Spam – Blatant self promotion, out of context and inappropriate links will be removed from the blog.

Closing comments – Due to an ongoing battle with spammers, all comments are closed one month after the post has been published. If you would like to discuss a post further with me you can use the contact form or email me at

Big thanks for reading the blog!

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