thriving through menopause

this family life episode 78: on thriving through perimenopause

Welcome back to a new season of the this family life podcast! I am super excited to be back doing the podcast again and this season will have a mix of fabulous guests and solo episodes. As it is has been a while since I released a season of the podcast I would love it if you could leave a review on Apple Podcasts or if you listen via Spotify they also now allow you to leave reviews when listening via your phone. Simply click the rating button on the show page (not the episode page) – thanks so much in advance.

This week I have two wonderful guests to chat with on the podcast – Natalie Moore and Lisa Saunders from the Own Your Health Collective. Natalie and Lisa are Melbourne based mums who have changed from corporate careers to work in the health and wellness space, specialising in empowering women to be the best version of themselves in life and work. In the episode we discuss:

  • What their life looked like pre-kids and how having kids changed things
  • What made them decide that they wanted to work in women’s health
  • What training and education they undertook to be able to set up their own business
  • How they became interested in perimenopause and have made this phase of women’s life a focus of their business
  • Lisa shares her journey into perimenopause
  • The key struggles women are having at this time of life
  • Tips to help women who feel like they are struggling with this phase
  • For women who have not yet reached this stage of life, they share steps they can take to help make this stage more manageable
  • The advice they would give to a mum who has put her health last over the last few years and now wants to change that

Natalie and Lisa are warm, compassionate and easy to relate to. I am sure you are going to love this episode and pick up tips that will help you improve your health and well-being.

Where you can find Natalie and Lisa

Links mentioned and additional resources:

  • Lisa’s Personal Journey with Perimenopause – The Peri Menopause Power Podacst
  • Instapot – this was Lisa’s recent product purchase that has help make family life easier. It make meals super quick and easy. This is one of the few brands that has a stainless steel liner.
  • Thermomix – this was Natalie’s recent purchase that has helped make her family life easier.
  • Book recommendation from Natalie – Green lights by Matthew McConaughey
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