this family life episode 77: on organising life admin

on organising life admin

Welcome back to a new season of the this family life podcast! I am super excited to be back doing the podcast again and this season will have a mix of fabulous guests and solo episodes. As it is has been a while since I released a season of the podcast I would love it if you could leave a review on Apple Podcasts or if you listen via Spotify they also now allow you to leave reviews when listening via your phone. Simply click the rating button on the show page (not the episode page) – thanks so much in advance.

This is the second time I have had the pleasure of interviewing Mia Northrup. Mia was on the podcast back in 2016 ep 13 and we talked about

  • Tips on redesigning your life
  • Tips on how to fit your personal creative pursuits into your day
  • Tips on returning to work part time
  • Working on friction points in the family
  • Encouraging creativity in kids

Much has changed for Mia since then. In the last five years, Mia has separated from her partner, moved to full time work, started a successful podcast and published a book! This gave us plenty to talk about. Areas we covered in the podcast were:

  • Creating a co-parenting system that worked for her family
  • Tweaking life admin processes and systems to cater for their new arrangements
  • Managing the logistics of a week on week off arrangement for her and the kids
  • What her on week meal planning looks like and what the off week looks like
  • How Mia transitions between the on and off weeks
  • Making the time to write a book while working full time
  • Where to start if with life admin
  • Why it isn’t just us – the reasons why there is so much more life admin now
  • Systems that help you share the load of life admin
  • The power of checklists to save you time
  • The hour of power and how it can transform your approach to life admin
  • Where to start if you feel like you are drowning in life admin

I recommend having some note paper handy and Mia has so many excellent tips you will want to write them all down!

Where you can find Mia

Links mentioned and additional resources:

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  • Tea and Cake with Demons – Buddhist Guide to Feeling Worthy By Adreanna Limbach – Using the Four Noble Truths as a guide, Limbach shares meditation practices, personal anecdotes, and traditional Buddhist tales that help us learn to befriend ourselves — even the more unsavoury bits — so we can realise our full potential.
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