on settling into the new school year

this family life episode 75: on settling into the new school year

on settling into the new school year

Welcome back to a new season of the this family life podcast! I am super excited to be back doing the podcast again and this season will have a mix of fabulous guests and solo episodes. As it is has been a while since I released a season of the podcast I would love it if you could leave a review on Apple Podcasts or if you listen via Spotify they also now allow you to leave reviews when listening via your phone. Simply click the rating button on the show page (not the episode page) – thanks so much in advance.

In this week’s episode, I share ideas on how you can set up some solid foundations to make settling into the school year an organised and productive one. I look at areas for the kids first:

  • Refreshing morning routines for the kids
  • New device rules for the kids
  • New bedtime rules for the kids

Then look at reassessing our own routines:

  • Starting with our own bed time
  • The time we get up each day
  • Making time for activities we love
  • Time blocking for work

Links mentioned and additional resources:

  • My key routines
  • Updating your routines for the year
  • Monthly review: exercise routines
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