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Family and personal admin can take up so much of our time and if we don’t keep up with it, it can cause plenty of chaos! The team at My Life Capsule has come up with an amazing solution to help families tame the family admin beast and control it all in one secure app. No longer do you need one app for your passwords and another for the kids’ artwork, you have it all together in the one place and it is totally secure.

Unlike other file storage solutions, My LIfe Capsule uses award-winning bank-level security systems to protect you and your family’s data. Read on to find out more about how My Life Capsule can make your life easier and enter the giveaway to win one of two 12 months free My Life Capsule subscriptions for you and your kids.

My Life Capsule is an Australian app that empowers personal organisation and family connections with the latest data privacy and security technology. 

With a mission is to take the sting out of life’s everyday bumps and significant events for individuals and families – My Life Capsule’s story began in 2019 when Founder Pam Moorhouse’s Father-in-law died suddenly. Her family didn’t know where to find his critical information, and their grief was compounded because they were unprepared.

Pam had also experienced several significant life events that were emotional, stressful and full of administration, including; a personal illness, IVF, premature labour and divorce where collating legal, financial, health and services documentation for herself and her children, while running her business, was a nightmare.

Pam and her Co-Founder Ryan Henderson have come together to build My Life Capsule as a solution to help people organise their lives, protect their personal information and connect with their families.

A secure digital vault to help you be more organised and less stressed. 

My Life Capsule is an easy-to-use app to make busy lives easier with valuable information at your fingertips on any device, anywhere, anytime. 

My Life Capsule personal admin

With one app, you can safely organise your important information. File your documents, passwords, and precious memories in My Life Capsule’s award-winning secure vaults and watch your stress fade away and your productivity soar!

  • No more sifting through emails or filing cabinets for lost identity, financial, legal, career, education or medical documents
  • No more forgotten passwords or pin codes
  • No more drama when you forget your wallet, your ID cards or your banking details
  • No more unsecured social media accounts or lost memories
  • No more kids health records, school reports or artwork stacked sky-high in the cupboard. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Download the app or sign up online at
  2. Register with your email & set up your personal security & secret codes
  3. Upload your information to categorised vaults, such as health, finance, legal, identity, education, career, passwords, photos or Junior vaults for your children
  4. Share securely with family, carers or trusted advisors using your personal Share Hub
  5. Access your capsule anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Enjoy a 30 day free trial of all premium features, including Personal Vaults for you and Junior Vaults for your children. Or, keep it simple with a Free Emergency Vault to keep your family connected and up to date. 

And definitely enter below for your chance to win one of two 12 months free My Life Capsule subscriptions for you and your children! You can find out more about My Life Capsule here: