on developing a practicing mindset

this family life episode: ep 72 on developing a practicing mindset

on developing a practicing mindset

For this season of the this family life podcast I am going to talk more about “mum” as opposed “family”and some things she can do to make her life feel like it has more purpose, is more productive and more fulfilling. It is always hard to separate mum out from family, but in these episodes we will be looking at ways you can organise yourself and sometimes your family to achieve your own personal, professional or physical goals.

It is a solo episode this week, with me discussing an excellent topic brought up by a lovely reader, Lisa. Lisa is working on three habits this year and is finding it a little challening:

I am spending a lot of time in the beginner, hard work stage. 
Lots of tears, frustrations, nerves, negative thinking, 2 steps forward – 10 backward .

How do you “break through” all of that mindset negativity to actually get a few wins in a row so you actually enjoy your new habit? So your new habit is not a chore or a negative experience, so it becomes something you actually look forward to? The reason you started in the first place. 

I have certainly felt this and am sure others have too. In the podcast I share:

  • The difference between learning and practicing.
  • Why we need to focus on the process not the end result.
  • How staying present in the process can make a huge difference.
  • Why we need to make our habits small, simple and short to start off with.
  • The importance of acknowledging our wins and to do that we need to be tracking our progress.
  • The need to reframe the challenge in our mind.

Other links mentioned:

  • Book review – The Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner – if you are wanting to get better at something, I highly recommend this book!
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