Monthly finds – products, podcasts and posts in Feb

Welcome to this months collection of wonderful finds. This post shares some fantastic products, excellent podcasts and thought provoking posts I have come across in my internet travels. If you have found something great recently, feel free to share in the comments below!


Vintage Collect

Vintage Collect – sells a curated selection of vintage treasures for your home. They are one off items, that make beautiful statement pieces. Each Sunday night at 6pm on Instagram, they share beautiful photos of the pieces available for purchase. It is first in best dressed and the items always go so quickly! Vintage Collect kindly featured my drink Adapt Relax a couple of weeks ago! You can also email Vintage Collect directly on


Nardurna – I have been following Nardurna on Instagram for some time and was so excited when she shared some free wallpapers that you can use as screensavers on your phone.

Ryhia Dank is the talented artist behind Nardurna and she describes herself as:

I am a contemporary Aboriginal artist who grew up in a remote community and now live in modern Australia. My paintings are storywork. Gudanji/Wakaja people told stories through pattern and design – I call my storying: nardurna. The three lines in my brand are to acknowledge the three woman who came from the ocean near Ngukurr in the Gulf of Carpentaria. They travelled a long way and then created the place of my family, the hills and fresh water Country

Head to Nardurna’s Stories on Instagram to get your wallpaper and definitely check out her online shop as well!

Leafy Lane

Leafy Lane – I came across Leafy Lane on Instagram during the second Melbourne lock down and he inspired me to put a sweet potato in a jar of water and wait for the vine to grow! It took much longer in cold Melbourne for the vine to grow, but it really took off once the warmer weather started. Phil followed his instructions and we now have a lovely plant coming out of an avocado seed as well. Head to his Instagram account for lots of tips on indoor plants and growing plants from seeds.

Brad has now started an online store where you can buy (before they sell out!) some lovely ceramic and glass pieces for your indoor creations.

Pana Organic Vegan White Chocolate Easter Egg 110g - Macadamia

Pana Organic Vegan White Chocolate Easter Egg 110g – Macadamia – While I haven’t tasted the Easter Egg as this is the first year Pana has made it, I have tasted their blocks of white chocolate and macadamia and it is amazing. Currently my favourited chocolate to eat! It is

  • Made with seven simple ingredients.
  • Has roasted macadamia pieces throughout.
  • Gluten, soy and dairy free.
  • Made from organic ingredients.
  • Refined sugar free.
  • Handmade and wrapped!
Loving Earth Vegan Dark Chocolate Creme Eggs 2pk - Mint

Loving Earth Vegan Dark Chocolate Creme Eggs 2pk – Mint – or if mint chocolate is more your thing, then definitely check out these eggs! They are

  • Shade grown Peruvian cacao.
  • Handmade.
  • Refined sugar free.
  • Gluten and dairy free.
  • GMO free.
  • Kosher
EcoCocoon Stainless Steel 4 Cup Set - Tropical Sunset

EcoCocoon Stainless Steel 4 Cup Set – Tropical Sunset – I was instantly drawn to this cup set because it reminded me of the a very cute cup set my Pa had when I was little. There were 4 cups and they came in a cute leather case with a zip. 4 was the perfect number as I was one of four girls and we all had our favourite colour (or argued over our favouorite color!)

EcoCocoon’s stainless steel cup range are durable, beautiful and help prevent single-use plastic ending up in landfill. They are safe, reusable and come in lovely bright colours. They are packaged in a neoprene cuddler for portability & protection. The outer paint is non toxic and they are hand wash only.

Twenty8 Signature Ultrasonic Diffuser

Twenty8 Signature Ultrasonic Diffuser – I love my diffuser and use it daily. This ultrasonic diffuser from Twenty8 is so gorgeous and is perfect if you are looking for one in a modern, minimalist style. If you are looking to buy some oils as well as a diffuser, then this Diffuser and Three Oils Bundle is great value.

Totally Triangles Tall Cup And Saucer Gre

Totally Triangles Tall Cup And Saucer Green – T2 Tea have a gorgeous new range of tea cups and tea wares at the moment. They have a kaleidoscope of colours splashed across the lovely porcelain pieces. The ultimate collection includes teapots, cup & saucers and mugs with infusers.

Slackers Extreme Ropes Ninja Course

Slackers Extreme Ropes Ninja Course – how much fun does this look? Not only is it fun but it also helps build core strength and balance with a variety of obstacles. This kit comes with a slackline and a ninjaline (a slackline with sewn pockets in it) that you can easily set up between two trees or posts. A variety of obstacles attach to the ninjaline for added difficulty and fun.

Slackers Extreme Ropes Ninja Course

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