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Out of the box - cricut joy

This is a review post.

The Cricut Joy is a very cool little machine. My 17 year old daughter was seeing lots of great posts on TikTok and Instagram about the Cricut Joy and what it could do, so was super keen to review it with me!

The Cricut Joy is a smart cutting machine that makes it easy to personalise, customise and organise your personal items and items around the home. It also allows you to get your inner crafter going with the ability to make cards as well, either making pictures with cut outs or personalised pictures and words.

The Cricut Joy can cut almost any shape you create and it can do so on a huge variety of materials – paper, card, vinyl, iron-on, peel-and-stick label paper, and even construction paper you have in the craft cupboard going unused at home!


I can see the Cricut Joy coming in very handy when I make my handmade Christmas Gifts and food items this year. I can recycle my jars, but make them look much fancier with a customised label.

The machine is very easy to set up. You connect it to your smartphone or computer using the Cricut app, choose your creative project and then the app guides you through the steps you need to follow to take you to the finished product. This little video below shows you this process in action!

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review cricut joy

We have only just dipped into the full potential of the Cricut Joy. The 17 year old had to pull herself away from it and return to studying for her upcoming SACs, but is looking forward to the Easter break where she can play with it more. So far she has named her:

  • study folders
  • study note books
  • mobile phone
  • drink bottle

There are 50 free projects online so you can learn everything the machine can do and there are also paid projects if you want to do those as well.

The Cricut Joy comes in a sturdy box which makes it easy to store away and as it is not big, it doesn’t take up too much space. I look forward to utilising the Cricut Joy more and if you have a label loving personality in the family, this would make a perfect gift!

The Cricut Joy is available at Spotlight, JBHIFI, Big W and Harvey Norman.

Have you tried the Cricut Joy? What have you made?